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TF BT RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer), a masterpiece in vaping, has won growing popularity thanks to its innovative way of way, easy operation (without wicking) and pleasant taste.
 TF BT RTA Atomizer Intro
 Package and Contents
 Specs and Features
 Exploded View
 How to Build the RTA


1. TF BT RTA Atomizer Intro

TF BT RTA, an innovative and revolutionary top seller, is becoming a big thing in vaping. And it's no wonder why.

It is an advanced and easy-to-operate atomizer well suited for both green hands and veterans. It does not use traditional coils with wires, instead, the atomizer uses nickel wire mesh with an extra large surface for a brand new vaping experience: massive clouds and pure flavor.

TF BT RTA Atomizer

Pros   Cons

Large liquid capacity (adding up the liquid absorbed by cotton, the total capacity can reach up to 7.5ml).

Nickel wire mesh heating with large contact space.

With multiple airflow holes on the top cap for a smoother vaping.

Without wicking, easy to operate.

Fine workmanship and no leakage.

Moderate size can be applied to a lot of devices on both mech and box mods.

The detachable glass tank is easy to clean.


× Kind of hard to take apart for the first time.

× The size of screwdriver provided in the accessory bag is a little small.

× The e-liquid fill port is a little small, so it may not be suitable for glass bottle droppers.

2. Package and Contents

The atomizer arrived to me in a small box. When I opened it, I found (as expected) one atomizer, one piece of nickel wire mesh, 3 stainless steel oil guiding sticks, 4 insulated rings and one screwdriver. 

The contents in the packing box 

With the portability of the atomizer being an important factor for most users, I have to applaud the TF BT RTA for its compact size: 6.8cm long and 2.3cm wide — perfect for easy carrying. 

3. Specs and Features

Material: glass + stainless steel

Size (L x W x H): 6.80 x 2.30 x 2.30 cm / 2.68 x 0.91 x 0.91 inches 

Capacity: 4.5ml

Weight:  0.0670 kg (product weight)

Innovative heating way without wicking creates a simpler and easier user experience.

Stainless steel rope oil guiding structure drives the liquid smoothly and fast. The stainless steel rope is highly durable and does not require changing.

Nickel net heating with large contact space has the atomizing core uniformly heated, which generates both a furious vapor and a wonderful taste.

Special o-rings and scientific design promise no oil leaking and maximum safety.

o-rings-no oil leaking security 

4. Exploded View

Disassembling the TF BT RTA reveals the following details.

The main components of the atomizer are drip tip, top cap, external cover, airflow ring (external cover and airflow ring are jointed together), glass tank and base.

The exploded of the atomizer

The exploded view shows exquisite workmanship with great attention to detail.

For the black drip tip, the TF BT RTA adopts adiabatic and easy-to-clean material — its perfect size (1.5cm in diameter) and smooth texture bring you a comfortable vaping experience.

Besides, the elaborated anti-skid pattern on the joints not only enhances the aesthetic feeling, but also increases the friction between the hand and the cap, making it easier to twist off.

the elaborated anti-skid pattern on atomizer 

The airflow ring has eight holes 3mm in diameter in the upper section of the external cover, driving air smoothly and fast.  The strength of the airflow can be easily adjusted  by turning the ring.

eight airflow rings in the upper section 

Next comes the unbreakable glass tank, 2cm in diameter and 4.5ml capacity, bringing you a safe vapor and a clear view. In the meanwhile, the external cover provides double protection for the glass tank.

glass tank 

5. How to Build the RTA

The best thing about this kind of RTA is that it's really easy to disassemble and build. Just follow the steps:

Step 1. Before starting to build the RTA, make sure your hands are clean and dry. Prepare a screwdriver and some cotton (For the sake of your health, please try to use organic and high-quality cotton).

Step 2. Take out the upper part (top cap + drip dip) from the external cover of the glass tank.

the upper part(top cap + drip dip) 

Step 3. Take off the external cover of the glass tank.

the external cover of the glass tank 

Step 4. Take two hollow pins from the chimney.

two hollow pins from the chimney 

Step 5. Take out nickel wire mesh from the accessory bag and cut it off at the width of 8mm (the width of the mesh is equal to the height of the slot of the chimney).

cut off the nickel wire mesh at the width of 8mm

Step 6. Insert one end of the mesh into the slot and secure it with one hollow pin. Then circle the mesh around the oil groove and insert the other end into the slot. Adjust the size of the circle and fix the end with the other hollow pin.


a. Circle the mesh around the oil groove instead of the external sidewall, otherwise, the heat of the mesh can be conducted to the external cover.

b. To make it easier to operate, we suggest installing the atomizer on your mech or box mod.

circle the mesh around the oil groove 

Step 7. Cut off the spare parts at the ends of the mesh.

Step 8. Insert a moderate amount of cotton into the fence.

Note: Exact methods may differ, but essentially cotton fills out the space above the deck and needs to be stuffed fairly densely (not too tight or too thin). If any parts of the curved mesh aren't decently contacted with the cotton, it may get hot spots and potentially dry hits.  

stuff cotton into the mesh 

Step 9. Wet the cotton with the e-liquid. Then fill the glass tank with the e-liquid via one of hollow pins. Once finished, you can press the fire button to check if it works well.

wet the cotton with e-liquid and fill the glass tank

Step 10. If everything is OK, put on the external cover and screw it on. Then, secure the upper section. Finally, you are all set and ready to vape.

6. Conclusion

TF BT RTA Atomizer has won me over with its innovative way of heating, easy operation, portability, pleasant taste and massive vapor. It is undoubtedly one of the best choices on the market today and is absolutely worth trying.

If interested, check out more info on the TF BT RTA Atomizer from GearBest.


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