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The Latest AirPods Pro Clones Teardown Review: Does the AirPods Pro Clones Worth Buying?

ByJoe Horner 2019-11-08 40103

Recently, Apple quietly released its third generation true wireless earphones AirPods Pro, which features active noise reduction and supports IPX4 waterproofing. Compared to its AirPods 2, it has been greatly upgraded in appearance and functionality. In less than a few days, there were a lot of copycat AirPods Pro on the market. Everyone is curious about how AirPods Pro clones do it, what solutions are used internally, and how are they different from the original AirPods Pro? Now, Let's take a look at the fake version of TWS Apple AirPods Pro.

The Latest AirPods Pro 

AirPods Pro Clones Unboxing

From the picture, this fake Apple AirPods Pro, is really not easy to distinguish between true and false. The fake AirPods charging box has a very smooth surface and has a LED indicator hole. The original AirPods Pro is laser cut, while the fake one is left directly with a hole. In addition, there are hinges and pairing buttons on the back.

The Latest AirPods Pro 

The Latest AirPods Pro 

At the bottom is the Lightning USB socket, which is used for charging.

The Latest AirPods Pro 

Open the top cover and you can see two AirPods Pro earbuds on both sides. Take the headset out of the charging box and think it's true if you don't compare it carefully.

The Latest AirPods Pro 

The Latest AirPods Pro 

The Latest AirPods Pro 

We have upgraded iPhone 11 to the iOS13.2 version. After opening the cover of the battery box, it can be matched directly and successfully. The headset name AirPods Pro is also shown. Unfortunately, the earbuds name cannot be modified.

The Latest AirPods Pro 

AirPods Pro Clones Specification

After actual measurement, the weight of the AirPods Pro Clones whole machine is 50.2g, the weight of the two headphones is 6.8g, and the weight of the separate charging box is 43.5g.

Using POWER-Z to charge the shanzhai version of apple AirPods Pro, the charging voltage and current are 5.152V, 0.142A and 0.735W, respectively.

The Latest AirPods Pro 

AirPods Pro Clones Teardown

The dismantling of the fake Apple AirPods Pro starts with the charging box. Find the breakthrough of non-destructive disassembly, after the top cover of the battery box is pried open, the magnet and hinge can be seen inside. There is a total of 4 magnets up and down, each of which is used for magnetic adsorption of the lid. Hinge looks like a metal material, take a closer look at the injection molding mouth and burr, this is in the plastic surface spray technology, played a visual metal effect.

The Latest AirPods Pro 

The following begins to remove the lower half of the charging box, which contains batteries, power boards, wireless charging modules, and so on. Here all around by the buckle position fixed, put the crowbar down, a little hard pry open. After the shell is separated, the circuit part of the charging box can be seen. The runway shape is the wireless charge receiving coil, here uses the Qi standard, can match the use with the mobile phone wireless charging board, places on the wireless charging board can realize the same wireless charging as the original AirPods Pro.

The Latest AirPods Pro 

Next to the fake Apple AirPods Pro headphones. After prying open here, we can see the batteries, horns and wires inside. The horn was fixed to the headphone hole with glue. Remove the circuit board from the earphone charging port, and the charging interface is welded directly to the circuit board. The battery is welded directly to the circuit board, and the battery does not have a protective board.

The Latest AirPods Pro 

The Latest AirPods Pro 

After analyzing the full set of circuits of the shanzhai version of Apple AirPods Pro, we did not see the legendary Qualcomm QCC scheme, let alone experience noise reduction, and there was no infrared detection, and the so-called black part was just decoration. This can only be regarded as a shell version of the copycat AirPods, can not be called Pro. The earphone internal battery does not protect the IC, from virtually increasing the risk factor.

The Latest AirPods Pro 


The AirPods Pro clone, which sells for 240RMB in China, is cloned at 1:1 in appearance, but the internal process and sound quality are completely different, and there is no active noise reduction effect.

If you really like AirPods Pro, you can go to Apple Apple Store to try it out. If you really want to buy this copycat version of Apple AirPods Pro, 300RMB, there are a lot of well-known brands of TWS earbuds available, such as Haylou GT1 Pro, Haylou GT1, Xiaomi Air 2 and so on.

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