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The latest iQOO flagship smartphone with many black technologies released, these things you can know first!

ByNiki Jones 2019-03-02 1028

Just entering 2019, new products in the tech world are popping up like mushrooms. New phones, such as Samsung, Huawei's folding screen smartphones and the Xiaomi 9, are all in the market. At this time, the smartphone manufacturer, Vivo, also launched its sub-brand iQOO, this approach to business competitor to a surprise. And iQOO's first smartphone has officially released in Shenzhen at 7:30 PM on March 1st, it's a smartphone that's got a lead on technology, positioning high-end phone, and it's likely to sell for 5000+. At such a high price, what will be its configuration? Take you to know this new flagship of black technology collection!

iQOO smartphone design 

Being born with powerful performance and fast speed - Snapdragon 855

"The 855 is just a small advantage," iQOO said. This is a very modest luxury introduction. The iQOO will be equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor. Many people know that the Snapdragon 855 processor is Qualcomm's latest processor with powerful performance. And it may be combined with 128GB and 258GB of large memory, so that the background can load more programs, and more smooth to use. As Vivo's latest sub-brand, its first smartphone is equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor and large memory combination, which is very consistent with iQOO's the attitude of boring with powerful performance.

iQOO smartphone powerful performance 

Rapid opening - sixth generation screen fingerprint unlock technology

As the founding father of screen fingerprint, Vivo is the leader in unlocking phone screen from the first generation technology to the fifth generation technology, from half-screen fingerprint to full-screen fingerprint. Vivo will also be one step ahead of Xiaomi 9's fifth-generation screen fingerprint technology. Vivo may use the sixth generation of screen fingerprint unlock technology in iQOO phones, which will greatly improve the unlock speed and the accuracy of identification.

sixth generation screen fingerprint unlock technology

Photovoltaic charging speed - 44W quick charging+4000mAh battery

Previously, iQOO through micro exposure, it is the iQOO phone at 18:10, the power is 1.21%; At 18:26 after 16 minutes, the battery has been charged to 50%; 46 minutes later, at 18:56, iQOO was fully reborn. From 1.21 percent to 100 percent, a phone can be fully charged in just 46 minutes. Presumably, the 44W quick charging and the 4000mAh big battery this time can meet the requirements of heavy users very well. They can not only charge fast and last long, but also have no serious heating.

44W quick charging 

Dazzing and colorful body - extremely cool appearance

In addition to being very strong in terms of configuration, the look of the iQOO is also very smart and cool! Dazzling colorful body, there is a specially designed axle wire on the center of the phone back, plus colorful effect and gradient effect, looks like a full sense of technology! And the rear triple-shot in the upper left corner of the phone, it will not affect the phone’s dazzling gorgeous performance!

iQOO smartphone appearance 

In addition, iQOO smartphone may also have Super HDR, NFC, 4D vibration and many other selling points. So many black technologies, no wonder iQOO said: "855 is just a small advantage", it seems that this phone’s technology strength is really very strong. In this serious homogenization of mobile phone, only the continuous innovation of technology can win the heart of consumers. IQOO phones are full of highlights, I believe that there are many consumers have been very concerned about it. 


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