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The latest news reveals that Huawei Honor Magic 2 also has Tesla limited edition

ByLinky Johnson 2018-10-25 1811

ast month, at the IFA conference held in Berlin, Germany, Zhao Ming brought a mysterious product - Huawei Honor Magic 2. The debut of the Magic 2 has caused quite a stir in the tech world. But when all of us are looking forward to the upcoming of this phone, a Microblog master reveals that the Magic 2 will also has Tesla limited edition.

That's nothing new that cooperate with auto brands to launch a joint limited edition. In this before, Huawei has cooperated with Porsche to launch the Mate Porche Design series, which gained a wide popularity among high-end consumers. This time, the Microblog just reveals a Magic 2 package with the Tesla logo.  


If that picture is true, then we will have more expectation from the upcoming Magic 2. In fact, according to the present revealed information, the Honor Magic 2 has brought us many surprises. And in an exclusive interview, Zhao Ming also showed the Magic 2 in person. Although, he just shows a little while, but we can still see the amazing full screen with almost 100% screen to body ratio.  


At present, the Honor official has announced that they will hold the Huawei Honor Magic 2 release conference in Beijing on Oct.31. At that time, all the mystery about Magic 2 will be finally unveiled. So let’s wait and see what will happen.    


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