The world's first AI camera debuted at 2019 Shanghai CES

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After three years, the world's first AI self-directed camera, developed by Ruimo Intelligent, OBSBOT, was officially unveiled on June 11th at 2019 China CES Asia.

OBSBOT Vision uses AI algorithms such as deep visual tracking, recognition, pose estimation, behavior analysis and edge computing artificial intelligence technology to creatively introduce AI tracking, intelligent composition and gesture sensing, bringing subversive shooting to short video content creators. Experience. And Ruimo Intelligent has become the darkest horse in the industry of 2019 Shanghai CES "AI photography".

AI+ photography becomes a trend, Sony, Canon and Huawei keeps an eye on the track

This time, the AI camera is really coming!

Photography as an important means and tool for human record and creation, imaging technology has experienced three major waves of technological innovation: the first occurred in Europe in the 1939s, and the advent of Daguer photography in 1839 opened the first year of imaging technology. The second time in Europe and the United States in the 1930s, miniaturized, film TV cameras were developed and quickly swept the world. Then, in the 1950s, the era of automation and digital analog digital cameras with Japan and the United States as the core quietly The arrival of the third innovation in imaging technology.

With the maturity of AI technology and the comprehensive advancement of 5G commerce, “AI+ Photography” will unveil the fourth video technology innovation.

Major manufacturers have long been keeping an eye on the AI track.

In 2018, Sony, the leader in imaging technology, proposed the concept of "the new digital age." At the beginning of the year at CES 2019, Sony released a series of "AI + Photography" black technology, and implanted AI smart shots and side screen sensing functions in the recently released flagship mobile phone. The other two major brands, Nikon and Canon, are also competing for “AI+”, which has made new breakthroughs in intelligent recognition and face tracking.

Chinese brand Huawei has laid out "AI+ photography" for many years. Not only in the flagship products P20, P30 series played "AI photography" concept, but also deeply cultivated AI chip research and development field, and achieved remarkable results. In addition to Huawei, Samsung, vivo and other mobile phone brands have also launched new models of the main AI photography.

Free hands from AI tracking to intelligent composition

As far as the entire imaging industry is concerned, the commonly accepted auxiliary shooting technologies are mainly infrared thermal imaging, electronic stabilization and anti-shake, and electronic obstacle avoidance. However, there are still technical bottlenecks for the mass consumer to liberate their hands and be efficient and intelligent.

The emergence of OBSBOT is the first to use AI technology such as deep visual tracking and attitude estimation to bring people a subversive shooting experience, realizing more advanced and intelligent character recognition and tracking shooting.

In terms of AI tracking, OBSBOT Vision can achieve up to 40 meters, and the fastest 180 degrees/second intelligent tracking in the horizontal direction. The unique Shar-lock function automatically builds a comprehensive visual model for tracking targets and accurately identifies them. When a character is in a complex environment or encounters an obstacle, and returns to the field of view in a short time, OBSBOT can look at the image. Once again, find and continue to track the person shooting.

At the same time, OBSBOT seeks to introduce AI technology such as portrait composition and scale estimation into the intelligent shooting system. When shooting, it can automatically optimize the composition of the characters/pets. Its functions include automatic composition, manual composition, and scene locking.

Not only that, but OBSBOT also creatively implants human gestures into AI shooting. Naturally easy-to-use gestures allow shutter control, follow-up, lens zoom, and creative mirrors to be combined. Launched with Launch-pad The console, OBSBOT, can even unlock more than 30 creative mirrors, making the process of unmanned shooting more interesting.

In January 2019, OBSBOT made its debut in Las Vegas, USA. The 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) attracted attention from all over the world. It was not only highly praised by the media all over the world, but also received the world's top dance studios. The Hollywood Film Academy and Silicon Valley Technology Corporation co-invited.

With the launch of the new product launch under the OBSBOT hunt line, it will soon meet with photographers on the mainstream domestic e-commerce platform. In the era of short video screen, OBSBOT will definitely become a creative tool for Vlog people such as Vibrato and YouTube.

OBSBOT looking for more possibilities for exploring future images

OBSBOT is a brand of artificial intelligence camera that connects people, images and the future .

The OBSBOT R&D team consists of a group of young technology geeks and photographers who master the core technologies of artificial intelligence and image recording at the forefront of the trend, empowering traditional image creation and inspiring creativity through creative and unprecedented ways.

 OBSBOT AI camera

As an innovative brand of global intelligent image capture, OBSBOT hopes to provide a new experience for human beings in the true sense of "directed image recording." The original AI camera developed by OBSBOT has “seeking” and has more than 30 technical patents in the field of intelligent image shooting. It has won many world-class design awards such as the German Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award.

Under the wave of technology in the future, the global imaging industry is undergoing a revolution in artificial intelligence. OBSBOT will continue to break through the boundaries of technology and inject more inspiration into the way human images are recorded.

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