The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 might have a notch at the bottom of the screen

ByLinky Johnson 2019-05-06 733

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could keep the spirit of the range and end up with front photosensors in a new unusual place: in a notch located not at the top but the bottom of the smartphone.



Xiaomi is planning to launch a smartphone with a notch at the bottom of the screen to accommodate the front photosensors. In all this is suggested by a patent spotted by LetsGoDigital. The diagram is available at the end of the article. This is a dual sensor that is mentioned for the front of the device, positioned either at the bottom center or with a module in the lower left corner and the other in the lower right corner.

For such a device, we immediately think of Mi Mix 4. Xiaomi has made a specialty of eccentricities concerning the front camera on smartphones in this range. We remember the Mi Mix and Mi Mix 2 and their front sensor located in the chin of the mobile. The notch system would remove this bottom edge while keeping the sensors at the bottom. For its part, the Mi Mix 3 board a slider to offer a borderless screen that does not interfere with the sensors.


It is for the moment only a patent, so we know that Xiaomi is considering or has considered such a solution, without it being possible to say that the design of Mi Mix 4 will look like this. It seems rather strange that Xiaomi returns to the notch on his next flagship while all manufacturers are working to his death. After the notch in the form of the more discreet water drop, the trend is on the punched screen as on the Galaxy S10 or Honor View 20. The drawer or pop-up systems are still little democratized.


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