Top 6 upgrade points (differences) between GoPro Hero8 and GoPro Hero7

ByJoe Horner 2019-10-07 2028

GoPro Hero8 Black has officially gone on sale and its Mod accessories will be delayed until December. So what's the difference between the latest Gopro Hero 8 and the previous generation of Gopro Hero 7? Let's take a look at this hands-on compare post about GoPro Hero8 and Hero7.

GoPro Hero 8 VS 7

1.Appearance and new all-in-one fixture design

In the absence of competitors, GoPro Hero7 is definitely the best product in this field, how can you surpass yourself? GoPro Hero8 Black first made improvements in appearance.

GoPro Hero's all-in-one square fuselage has always had the advantage of being more durable and reliable for outdoor sports, but when it is "too small", it first needs to add a framework kit. This way you can fix the GoPro or add other attachments to it. That is to say, it looks small but in actually uses it is not small, and this time the GoPro Hero8 is a little bigger than the GoPro Hero7 in shape (66.3x48.6mm compared to Hero7's 62.3x44.9mm). The increased size does not mean that the fortress is crammed into a large battery or a new chip, but that the fixture that needs to be added to the frame is at the bottom of the camera.

For all old GoPro users, the biggest improvement to GoPro Hero8 Black this time is the fuselage with its own fixture, which is built directly at the bottom of the Hero8 and magnetically fixed. If you want to replace the battery, just pull the battery hatch cover on the left and replace it without having to unload the plug-in frame and open the bottom of the camera like the GoPro Hero 7.

But there are two sides to everything, and the GoPro Hero 8 has switched to a fixed lens design as a balance between thickness and height, which means that the eighth generation of Hero will not allow you to replace the lens cap on your own.

Of course, this is not the biggest concern for outdoor users, they are worried about what to do after the lens cap glass is broken during the intense shooting process. GoPro claims that this time the glass of the GoPro Hero8 lens is twice as strong as before and uses gorilla glass, but the firmness of the glass has long been shown to be extremely scratchable and breakable on iPhone. So it is necessary to buy GoPro Hero8 lenses and screen saver film sets.

In addition, the highlight of the biggest improvement in the appearance of the GoPro Hero8 Black is the new official Mod accessory. This time, GoPro has released 3 sets of Mod with Hero8, namely, directional microphone + HDMI interface. 200 lumens of LDE lighting components and Vlog bloggers' favorite upside-down LED viewfinder screen. With these kits, Vlog shooting is more suitable in addition to intense outdoor sports scenes.

2.HyperSmooth 2.0 Electronic Anti-shake upgrade

For a camera that specializes in outdoor sports, it must be equipped with a strong electronic anti-shake function. Since Hero7, GoPro has built an electronic anti-shake function called HyperSmooth in the camera.

The electronic anti-shake function that we thought had been done very well has been broken through again in the Hero 8 generation, and the new HyperSmooth 2.0 now has 4 gears. They are off, on (HyperSmooth 1.0), high (HyperSmooth 2.0), and enhanced (HyperSmooth 2.0 Boost).

At 1080p resolution, these 4 anti-shaking effects can be turned on from 24-120 frames, 2.7K resolution is less than 60 frames can turn on all four effects, 4k only 30 frame mode can turn on all four anti-shaking effects. However, it is important to note that although the new HyperSmooth 2.0 anti-shake mode provides the same anti-shaking effect as the mechanically stabilized head, it only does 10% image cutting like HS1.0. That is to say, GoPro is implemented using more powerful arithmetic or algorithms. This is also demonstrated in the back of the battery link. In addition, although the stabilizing effect of Boost mode is more perfect, we have noticed obvious image clipping and picture quality loss.

3.The picture quality of GoPro Hero8 has been enhanced

GoPro Hero8, which belongs to the category of motion cameras, will not have too stringent requirements for its picture quality, but it is always better to improve. GoPro Hero8 is a 12 million-pixel lens like Hero7, but is believed to have been enhanced by CPU or the algorithm section. GoPro Hero8 now supports 4K 60fps photography, linear field of view mode has been raised to 4K, and HyperSmooth anti-shake mode is supported. Since Vlog now starts with 1080p resolution, Hero8 directly cancels the 720p and 960p resolution modes, starting with 1080p. In addition to H.265 coding compression, the maximum bit rate has also been raised from the previous criticized 78Mpbs to 100mpbs, and the best picture quality has made great progress.

However, in terms of color, I do not know if it is because of the replacement of the new irreplaceable lens cap design, GoPro Hero8 even color philosophy has also been replaced. The color of the new machine is more vivid, the contrast is greater, and the white balance is warmer. The color of the skin is better, the leaves are greener, and the sharpness is improved, but after a little contrast, the details in the highlight / low light are reduced accordingly, depending on the preferences of the users.

4.GoPro Hero 8 VS 7: radio effects

For an outdoor camera, there is nothing more frustrating than the radio. Although Hero7 is doing all right, the GoPro Hero8 has been greatly enhanced. After the lens cap is not removable, GoPro moves the Logo to the right side of the camera. On the left, a new porous directional microphone is placed under the lens. For self-media bloggers who have acquired Hero8, the microphone pickup ability of the new machine with consistent feedback has been able to meet most of their daily work, and the performance is perfect. So we have reason to believe that the official microphone Mod effect will be even more amazing at this baseline.

5.Battery life of GoPro Hero8

In the GoPro Hero7 era, such a small motion camera could meet the needs of a whole day with 2.5-3 batteries. The GoPro Hero8 swapped with a new 1220mAh battery, which looks exactly like the one on the Hero7, so it can also be compatible with older cameras. It's just an increase in the maximum discharge power, and the new HyperSmooth 2.0 needs this high discharge rate battery to turn it on, which means if you have an old Hero7 battery on hand, Plugging into the Hero8 does not enable the HyperSmooth 2. 0 feature. The anti-shake function of HS2.0 is only enhanced in the algorithm, but running this new anti-shake algorithm requires more calculation power of CPU, and the requirement of battery power is also improved in an instant. Although GoPro claims that the new battery has only increased its maximum discharge power, GoPro Hero8 now needs only two batteries to complete a full day of shooting, a small improvement over the Hero 7 in battery life.

6.Stronger software functionality

The manipulation of the GoPro shooting interface has been criticized by some players, and this generation has carefully studied some of the features of their competitors and made improvements.

The first is the customizable shortcut button function of the manipulation interface, and now you can divide the shortcut button area around the screen and generate shortcut buttons according to your own usage habits. At the same time, you can also set a fixed shooting mode, so that the shortcut button will automatically enter a full set of shooting mode, greatly improving the efficiency of Hero veterans. The new TimeWarp delay shooting feature also adds a "back to normal" button, as long as you press the button during fast delay shooting. It will be filmed at the normal speed again (until you release it) and will return to the fast delay, which will be extremely easy for users who are not familiar with editing or editing on their phones.

GoPro Hero8 has added a feature called "real-time continuous shooting", which you can think of as a GoPro version of Live Photo. In this mode, Hero8 Black will turn on the fuselage cache to record data, and when you press the photo button, it will capture a 4K video for up to three seconds (actually you press the first 1.5 seconds + 1.5 seconds after the shutter). This produces a 3-second short video of 90 4K resolution photos, where you can filter out the best shots, or save the 4k video directly in Live Photo mode.


These are the 6 biggest improvements to GoPro Hero8 Black over Hero7. Have you figured it out?

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