TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot - a smart playmate that will teach and entertain

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Want to find a fun and educational toy for your children or looking for a Christmas gift that will not be forgotten in a few weeks? The new TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot is a smart toy that fits the bill. And here's why.

As the newest and already one of the bestselling items on GearBest, the TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot is unique in every way: design, functionality, educational and entertainment elements and even the friendly price tag.

TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot

TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot unbox & design

The Cubee F9 Robot is packed in a semilucent box on which you can conveniently read usage instructions.

Open the box, you will see the three main components of the smart toy: 1pc Robot Toy, 1pc USB Cable, and 1pc Infrared Remote Control.

TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot unbox 

First impression: the robot is very portable and super cute. It stands on two short movable legs with big feet and looks adorable with its two big and round eyes on a squared face. Measuring just 9.00 x 10.75 x 6.50 cm and weighing 0.25 kg, the toy robot is capable of playing with you anywhere.

the first impression of TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot

Made of ABS material, the robot is not only pleasant to the touch and safe to play but also durable.

Note: This robot  contains some small parts, so it is not suitable for the children under 3 years old in case of swallowing or choking.

TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot performance

Don't belittle this little guy. Not only is it easy on the eye but also very intelligent. The robot can speak English, tell stories, teach science and even recite Chinese poetry.

the educational function of TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot

More interestingly, it can dance and move around when it's speaking or singing. Thus, your kids get a fun high-tech educational toy that is also a great source of entertainment. The best thing is that the play-based learning has been proven to encourage your child's desire for knowledge and learning interest.

the motions of TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot 

TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot dance and move around

Here are a few more great things about the TurBowing Cubee F9:

● Easy operation. The robot comes with 2 optional remote control modes: Infrared control and Bluetooth control. So you can easily manage it with the provided infrared control handle (powered by one built-in CR2032 battery) or via Bluetooth through the robot's dedicated app on your phone. Note that the control distance is no more than 10 meters.  

the Infrared control handle of TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot

2 optional remote control modes of TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot

● Lively interaction. This Cubee F9 Robot is not only a little teacher, but an amusing playmate and a stress reliever. Choose a tune you like, and dance to it together with the mini robot thanks to its built-in Bluetooth HiFi music player.

TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot is an amusing playmate

TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot is a stress reliever

● Cute facial expressions. The Cubee F9 takes things way past the conventional walking and dancing — the robot will tell you how it feels through a variety of facial expressions enabled by the multiple LEDs under the Cubee's mouth. What's more, you can even change or create expressions via the robot's app.  

the cute facial expressions of TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot

● App motion programming. Want this little guy to do more? App motion programming function makes everything possible and lets you customize the robot's movements. Simply go to Motion Plaza section of the app on your smartphone, create tailor-made movements and watch the robot performing each move accurately thanks to the high-quality servo on each leg.

App motion programming function of TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot

● Follow mode and obstacle avoidance. Cubee is a really smart guy. Equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, it can automatically follow an object and bypass obstacles. So you will not need to worry about the mini robot getting "injured" or causing damage. Both the follow mode and obstacle avoidance make playing with the robot even more engaging.

Follow mode and obstacle avoidance function of TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot

Unlike many other toys, the Cubee F9 is rechargeable and powered by a 3.7V 800mAh LiPo battery — so you won't need to replace the batteries frequently or worry about the robot suddenly running out of power.

The USB cable allows you to charge the robot easily by plugging it into a wall socket or a computer. It takes about 90 minutes to be fully charged, and will work for about 100 minutes when actively used.

the charging time and operation time of TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot

TurBowing Cubee F9 Robot Price

Now is the time to get the newly launched Cubee F9 at a great price during the presale. The smart multifunctional robot can be yours for just $92.24. Act fast: the presale will end on Dec 14.

Wrap up

The way we see it, the Cubee F9 is a 5-in-1 deal: you get a patient teacher, an original Bluetooth HiFi music player, a cute toy, a dancing partner, and a smart playmate. Loads of fun for children and an interesting little gadget for adults, the Cubee F9 is well-worth its price tag.

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