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UFO induction four-axis aircraft infrared sensing toy – awesome flying saucer

ByDavid Tsang 2018-09-21 2786

Toys are meant to be fun, but the best ones are also extremely cool. One example is this epic UFO drone. With its smart technology, eye-catching design, and affordable price point, we take a closer look at this innovative and impressive little flyer in our short guide.


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the design of Micro UFO gesture control drone 

Micro UFO gesture control drone video display

First,let's enjoy a video display of Micro UFO gesture control drone by GearBest.



UFO Induction Four-axis Aircraft Infrared Sensing Toy - SILK BLUE

UFO Induction Four-axis Aircraft Infrared Sensing Toy - SILK BLUE
$30.8 $16.99    


Micro UFO gesture control drone overview

Playtime never ends, and this funky drone proves it. The Micro UFO gesture control drone ​ is a smart flying drone that mimicks a UFO seemingly having a mind of its own, automatically flying around objects, people and hand gestures. This makes it especially ideal for indoor use. Let's check it out.

Shaped like a flying saucer, the lightweight body makes it practical for children of different ages. It's compact too at just 12cm (4.7 inches) long, so it can be carried around in one hand. Its best feature however is being able to navigate around obstacles by itself. This intelligent obstacle avoidance (of 2 meter distance) uses a combination of infrared technology, gravity sensing and air pressure monitoring to keep it safe from collision. It also features altitude hold and auto-landing.  

the gesture control and obstacle avoidance of Micro UFO gesture control drone    

the altitude hold and auto-landing of Micro UFO gesture control drone  

Launching the UFO drone is literally child's play: simply power-on the aircraft and start calibration for the best results – after that, simply throw it in the air to launch. Once airborne, multiple infrared sensors located on its fuselage provide even higher path finding accuracy. The Micro UFO is incredibly robust and durable thanks to its 360° cage offering maximum protection from crashes or bumps. Made from eco-friendly material, it's safe to use for children.

 teh 360° cage of Micro UFO gesture control drone

With a bright its bold colors, smart technology, and strong build, this awesome family-friendly UFO drone can be enjoyed by everyone, but ideally small groups of 2-4 players of different ages.

Product Highlights

Incredibly fun and packed with character, this cool toy packs a ton of great features into a compact form factor for maximum fun.

● Lightweight and compact toy drone

● Awesome fun for all ages, suitable for 2-4 players

● Easy to use: power-on, calibration and throw to launch

● Altitude Hold and auto-landing

● Fully protected by a robust and durable 360° cage

● Smart flying: advanced infrared, gravity and air pressure sensors for incredible results

Why you should buy it

This drone scores high for its innovative approach – it literally flies by itself. With a cool design, compact form factor, and smart technology onboard, this epic UFO drone can be yours for just $16.99 at GearBest. Perfect either as a personal treat or thoughtful gift, enjoy a toy that's literally from another planet.


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