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Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light: dispel darkness with your motion

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Feel difficult to find things in the dark corners like wardrobe and drawer? Dream of a smart helper to light up for your night time? We have found a good stuff for you - It's Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light.

When you wake up during the deep night, what's the first thing you will do? Open the dazzling light? Oh, no! You may give me a face of reluctance, especially when you have to wobble in the dark to find the switch. Actually, you don't need to do that, as the smart Utorch LED Motion Sensor Night Light will not only help you but comfort you with its soft and warm light.

Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light

You may not be familiar with the Utorch 6 LEDs Motion-activated Night Light. But it doesn't matter. Just meet this new friend via the following short video now.



Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light

Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light - WHITE WARM LIGHT


Compact and cozy light design

The Utorch LED Night Light comes with an elegant and compact design: the simple white color and the beautiful petal-shaped LED bulbs. That will easily match with your furniture and other home decorations. Believe it or not, you must get interested in it at the first glance even if you are a face-judger. So you can regard it as a wonderful embellishment at least before knowing its practicality.

the compact design of Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light

the decoration function of Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light

The Utorch soft night lamp is illuminated by 6 LED bulbs, which provides you with enough and comfortable light. And the cozy 3000K warm light and 6000K white light will not dazzle your eyes even if you look it directly.   

Tips: the most comfortable color temperature of light is from 2700K to 6500K.

the comfortable color temperature of Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light

Besides, with the built-in human body infrared sensor,the Utorch Auto PIR LED light can smartly detect any motions in the dark with the range of 2 - 3 meters and light up automatically.

the motion detection range of Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light

Wide applications for your convenience

That's great! With smart and friendly Utorch Stick-anywhere Night Light, you will dispel the darkness with your movement anywhere anytime.   

Whenever you come, the smart night light will be always ready to welcome and light up for you. So you can put it in any dark corners as needed.

Just don't know where you should put the mini motion-sensing nigh light? The following demos may give you some ideas.

Put it in the bathroom, it can automatically turn on when you go to the bathroom at midnight.

use the Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light in teh bathroom

the convenient illumination for bathroom

Put it in the drawer, you don't have to turn on the lights to find what you want.

put the Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light in drawer

Put it in the wardrobe, you can find the clothes you want to wear in the dark room.

put the Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light in wardrobe

Turn off the light and enjoy your favorite movie at home just with the warm night light. And it's more exciting to add some fruit trays. Then you can go straight to the kitchen with no need to touch the light switch.

enjoy the movie and fruit tray with the warm nigh light of Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light

Do you remember the last time you stood in the doorway for a long time complaining that it was dark and hard to find keys from the bag? Yep, you may need to install a night light above your door. And then the Utorch night light will light up for you until you open the door and enter the house, just like a kind waitress.   

Easy installation

Take it easy! You will not be bothered by the installation, as it's very easy. You will quickly finish the installation within just 4 steps:

Step 1: Tear off the adhesive film from the magnetic slice.

Step 2: Stick the magnetic slice on the place where you want to install and long press for 3 seconds.

Step 3: Let the night light base closely contacted with the magnetic slice until they are fully absorbed.

Step 4: You can also take it down when it is necessary.  

the easy installation of Utorch 6 LEDs Motion Sensor Night Light

Wrap up

All in all, I'm deeply impressed with the Utorch Motion Sensor Night Light's good-looking appearance, welcome practicality, warm color temperature, and also its attractive price -  $5.99. All of us may clearly know that this night light brings us more significant things than itself, such as a more convenient and healthier life, a smart lifestyle and a sweet home.



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