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Utorch UT30 + review: Best budget smart ceiling light for modern life

ByCheryl Evans 2018-12-25 2474

Are you tired of reaching the switch to turn the light on/off? Do you often forget to turn off the light? Is it the ceiling light so bright that you can't fall asleep naturally? How many times you grope in the dark to switch the light on? It's time to change! The Utorch UT30 + smart ceiling light will be a perfect start to your smart home. It works well and comes with all functionalists that you would expect.

 Utorch UT30 + ceiling light  


Utorch UT30 + Smart Voice Control LED Ceiling Light with Remote Controller 18W AC 220V - WHITE 30CM / REMOTE CONTROL

Utorch UT30 + Smart Voice Control LED Ceiling Light with Remote Controller 18W AC 220V - WHITE 30CM / REMOTE CONTROL
$99.9 $39.99    


Convenient App control

No gateway needed! The ceiling light can be directly connected to the WiFi in your home, and controlled by the App, Smart Life. As most of us are with our smartphones all day long, controlling UT30 + from anywhere at any time is feasible. Turn on/off, adjust the color temperature (3000-6500K) and brightness (0-100%), set up timers, share the device with your family members... What's more, several smart ceiling lights can be divided into different groups, so you can manage all lights in a whole group at a time.

App control by a smartphone 

Hands-free voice control

If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home, a smart voice assistant in your house, you can realize the functions by giving voice commands. This is helpful when both of your hands are occupied, or when your smartphone is not in your hand, whether you are cooking, bathing, nursing kids, in the bed...

In comparison, Yeelight smart ceiling lights can only work with Xiaomi's voice assistants, and they don't support other languages except Chinese at present. It is better to have Utorch UT30 + which can understand you!

Hands-free voice control  

Multifunctional remote control

Utorch UT30 +smart ceiling light comes with a remote control. Whenever you can easily fetch the remote control, you can access to a variety of functions quickly: On/Off, Night Light, Natural Light, Brightness, Color Temperature, 30s Timer.

The night light is dim enough for no eyestrain and a sound sleep, just like the moonlight. It is also convenient to adjust the brightness and color temperature. Start the 30-second countdown to turn off the light before you need to leave, so you don't need to grope in the dark.

multifunctional remote control 

Other considerations

The LEDs are big and super bright, covered with polarized lenses for diffusing the light evenly in all directions. Each one can serve you for over 10,000 hours, about 7 to 8 years long. Compared with other LED ceiling lights which use hundreds of LEDs, Utorch UT30 + saves you over 75% money thanks to the simplified structure.

The smart ceiling light has a sturdy metal case and PVC lampshade. IP50 dustproof, it is easy to clean, because neither insect nor dust will enter into the lamp. In addition, it is easier to install, just wiring and network configuration are needed. The installation can be finished in about 5 minutes.

The smart ceiling light  details 

The Utorch smart ceiling light has some variants, including UT30, UT30+, UT40, varying in sizes, colors, control methods. All are great options to improve any space. Stylish, simple and thin, these smart light sources are perfect matches for all styles of bedrooms, living rooms, classrooms, dining rooms, hotels, etc.

some variants of Utorch smart ceiling light 

Which one to choose?

Let's have a look at the specs before we make a final decision.


Model UT30 UT40 UT40 UT30 +
Color White White Blue White
Diameter 30cm 40cm 40cm 30cm
Rated Power 18W 24W 24W 36W
Price $33.99  $37.99  $37.99  $39.99 
Control App, Voice Assistant App, Voice Assistant App, Voice Assistant App, Voice Assistant
, Remote Control
Luminous Flux 1700lm 2000lm 2000lm 3200lm
CRI >80 >80 >80 >80
Color Temperature 3000-6500K 3000-6500K 3000-6500K 3000-6500K


The Utorch UT30 + ceiling light promises an amazing upgrade to your rooms with all the necessary functionalists that work perfectly. Hurry up! Don't miss the Christmas shopping deals at the end of 2018!


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