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Vivo iQOO review: a monster flagship with 12GB memory and customized Monster Touch key

ByLinky Johnson 2019-03-06 7928

In this increasingly fierce mobile phone market competition, the market segmentation has become a new choice for many manufacturers, but each brand has its own unique corresponding groups, which may be why Chinese manufacturers like to launch sub-brands. This time we'll take a look at iQOO, a young sub-brand of vivo. The vivo iQOO features a stunning design and powerful hardware performance, so it is called a monster flagship smartphone.

vivo iQOO 

vivo iQOO: specs

Let’s take a look at the main specs of the vivo iQOO.


Product name
iQOO ( Vivo ) 4G 6.41 inch Phablet
15.77 x 7.52 x 0.85 cm / 6.21 x 2.96 x 0.33 inches
0.1960 kg
6.41 inch, 2340 x 1080 FHD+ Pixel Screen
Funtouch OS 9 ( based on Android 9 )
Adreno 640
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa Core 2.84GHz
12.0MP + 13.0MP + 2.0MP rear camera + 12.0MP front camera
Battery capacity
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.0


iQOO ( Vivo ) 4G 6.41 inch Phablet - Chocolate

iQOO ( Vivo ) 4G 6.41 inch Phablet - Chocolate
Arrival Notice    


Design: sleek and stunning

Like posters full of cyberpunk style, iQOO shows people with a high-powered appearance.

The front of iQOO is equipped with a 6.41-inch FHD+AMOLED screen with a screen ratio of 19.5:9. Because the front-end camera presents the shape of water droplets, the proportion of screen is higher, reaching 91.7%. The design of high-screen proportion makes the body feel very portable, and there is no pressure for one-handed operation.

vivo iQOO display 

Because of the COF package, the black edge of chin can be further reduced. With the high contrast performance of AMOLED, it is difficult to detect its existence in daily use. In addition, iQOO is equipped with screen fingerprint recognition, which ensures a concise and uniform appearance, while also providing excellent unlocking speed.

Compared with the first sight of visual satisfaction, the most impressive thing about iQOO is its smooth touch on the screen. IQOO adopts a new coating process. The friction coefficient of the screen is less than 0.1. Whether in daily use or intense game operation, the smooth and silky touch is always the same. On this basis, iQOO also pre-installed a new screen protection film. 

The positive design of iQOO is relatively convergent, which means that it can be competent for various occasions, not high-profile, not boring. When you look at it from other perspectives, iQOO will show its powerful side.

The positive design of vivo iQOO 

Unlike many mobile phones that are keen to express their positioning from the outside, iQOO's fever-grade personality is reflected in the details. On both sides of the body, it is inspired by the middle frame of the super-waistline. The calm and sharp design makes the dark body shine with dazzling reflections, like a sword sheathing out. Not only is it beautiful, but the middle frame with pressure function can play the role of virtual keys in the game, bringing about the refreshing operation comparable to the handset.

As for the bright orange power button, it directly presents the feeling of overrunning the ignition switch, which is quite eye-catching.

the bright orange power button 

The design of the back of the fuselage is also perfect. The smooth and rounded line design gives a convergent and comfortable grip feeling. However, iQOO is not low-key in vision. Under the back cover of Knight Black Beast's 3D glass, the carbon fibre texture produces brilliant and powerful texture with light. Using expensive and complicated AG process, it feels sharp and smooth in both metal and glass, reflecting the difference as a "monster" flagship mobile phone.

Not only that, hiding under the powerful exploration texture and the slogan "MONSTER INSIDE", a fussy hidden multi-color LED band floats through the body glass. In the scenarios of notification, reminder, music, charging and so on, the LED light belt behind will automatically light up. It has to be mentioned that the iQOO body is still quite thin when equipped with 4000 mAh batteries and LED light belt at the same time.

the slogan MONSTER INSIDE 

The bottom is equipped with Type-C standard data interface and 44W vivo super flash charge. It can be filled with 4000 mAh batteries in 45 minutes. For users with heavy demand for games, both portability and game endurance can be considered when they go out.

How should a performance flagship be, arrogant or convergent? Rough or delicate? IQOO uses its high-energy appearance to tell you that the performance flagship can also be made very elegant and beautiful.

Performance: monster-level experience

By 2019, Android's most powerful processor, Qualcomm 855, finally arrived. The snapdragon 855 mobile platform adopts a new 7-nm process. The CPU architecture is upgraded to Kryo 485. The performance and efficiency of the platform are greatly improved, and the single-core performance of the CPU is greatly improved by 45%.

The main CPU frequencies are 1.80 GHz, 2.42 GHz and 2.84 GHz respectively. A 2.84 GHz super core, three 2.42 GHz performance cores and four 1.80 GHz efficiency cores are used as the "1+3+4" combination. In addition, the GPU of snapdragon 855 was upgraded to Adreno 640, which improved its performance by 20% compared with the previous generation.

It scored 367559 points in Angora Rabbit, 3526 points in Geekbench single nucleus, 11099 points in multi-nucleus, 5656 and 4927 points in OpenCL and Vulkan of 3D Mark extreme quality, respectively, which topped the performance of the entire Android camp.

We quietly cracked the 60 frame limit through some technical means. After 15 minutes of intense and exciting chicken-eating trip, we finally measured the average frame number of 59 frames, the average fluctuation of 0.95 frames, which can be said to be very stable, and the whole game process did not detect frequency reduction and core shutdown.

Such a good performance of the game also benefits from the introduction of iQOO super liquid-cooled heat pipe commonly used in PC, creating a new super liquid-cooled heat dissipation. The iQOO fuselage has a long heat pipe up to 9.6 cm long, which can directly connect the core heat source of CPU and the lowest temperature of body. With large diameter of D5 class, the effective heat dissipation area has been increased by more than two times, and the heat dissipation power of the heat pipe has been maximized.

After 15 minutes of stimulating the battlefield, we continuously measured the temperature. The highest temperature of the body front was 36.9 degrees, and the highest temperature of the body back was 35.3 degrees. It was very cool for such a high-performance mobile phone.

Of course, in addition to its powerful performance, iQOO, as a game mobile phone, has also carried out a number of special software optimization, so as to truly achieve the combination of hardware and software, fully tapping the ultimate potential of snapdragon 855.

The game magic box is the exclusive experience and creative space for game players. As long as the iQOO mobile phone screen, long press the right border two character keys, it will enter a special mode - game space. Here you can set up the whole process of interference-free and greatly improve the performance of the game and other professional game experience. At the same time, an electronic competition mode is added, which can freeze the unrelated backstage real firepower, and has the functions of real backstage hangup, backstage calls, self-developed 3D game surround sound effect and so on.

It is worth mentioning that the iQOO mobile phone also adds the Monster Touch pressure-sensing button, which can customize the function of two pressure-sensing buttons on the side of the fuselage. It can bring a handheld game control experience.

the Monster Touch pressure-sensing button 

Players can customize the mapping area of pressure keys by dragging the AB key, such as setting the AB key to shoot, so in the game, only two pressure keys can be pressed to design, without screen operation. Players can customize many different functions. Similarly, the King of Glory can also achieve this effect. Even heroes who eat at hand speed can easily start, but not enough, and "peripherals" can make up for it.

Battery performance: large battery capacity supporting Super Flash Charge

Don't get me wrong, the term "fast" here refers to fast charging. IQOO carries vivo Super Flash Charge ultra-fast flash charging and realizes 44W ultra-high power charging. The vivo Super Flash Charge uses two charge pump IC with 97% conversion, FFC charging algorithm and two-way separated IC design, thus achieving a faster, lower temperature rise and better compatibility charging experience.

Super Flash Charge 

For the first time, 44W ultra-high power charging appeared. We also made a special test for this.

We charge from 2% of the electricity, 32% in about 15 minutes, 61% in 30 minutes, and it takes 60 minutes to fully fill. This charging speed is already a very good achievement for a mobile phone with 4000 mAh battery. It is not only lasting, but also quick to return blood. It can be said to be a good news for game players.

Operating system: greatly improved OS version and optimized game playing experience 

On the system version number, this iQOO upgrade is still very big, from the previous NEX series of Funtouch OS 4 to the latest Funtouch OS 9, the system version is based on Google's latest Android 9 underlying.

Next, let's look at the changes in the UI of the system. Although the version number has been greatly improved, the overall UI style remains the same as before. Icon style is more flat and conforms to the trend of the times, but there are some differences compared with the previous round icon on the vivo NEX dual-screen mobile phone. The drop-down bar has a certain change, it will occupy the size of the whole screen when it is opened, of course, the things that can be controlled are more abundant.

As the main function of vivo mobile phone, Jovi AI occupies an important function point. Jovi has been deeply integrated into the iQOO mobile phone, with eight built-in functions to achieve more intelligent processing of various scenarios, such as photography, voice, system and so on.

With Jovi, it can intelligently help you gather the information you need in your life. You just bought a ticket? Where is the express delivery? Or is there something interesting nearby? All of these are concentrated on Jovi's negative screen, and all kinds of life information can help you gather together, without worrying about forgetting some small things in life.

Jovi voice is also a good helper. By holding down the AI button on the left side of the phone, you can wake up the Jovi voice assistant and tell him the questions you want to know, so you can get the relevant answers quickly and simply. Before going out, ask Jovi about the weather at his destination. If you want to snap up tickets for the concert tomorrow morning, you can also tell Jovi to remind you in time before starting the snap-up.

Jovi's Wisdom Mapping is our favorite feature when we use it. It identifies what you want to know through a camera. Did your colleague buy a good drink? Just use the Jovi Wisdom Map function to immediately identify where the drink can be purchased, even if the price is provided; when you browse the foreign web page, even if you do not understand, it does not matter, Jovi voice can easily help you translate, this function is really necessary for me with poor foreign language proficiency.

In this iQOO mobile phone, one of the most important highlights is the game function. Built-in new game space on the new Funtouch OS 9, one key AI speeds up your game experience. In addition, you can also see the real-time data of the core hardware of the mobile phone, whether it is the temperature of CPU and GPU or the memory occupancy, you can grasp it in real time.

It's better to mention the relatively rare NFC functionality on vivo phones. On this iQOO phone, you can use full-featured NFC. Just open the vivo wallet, you can bind the bus card (currently supporting Lingnan Tong and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei National Card), so that you can use the NFC card to get on the bus in most cities of the country. In addition, vivo wallet also supports the function of binding bank cards. It has been able to support most bank cards. As long as you go to the place where UnionPay can be supported, your iQOO mobile phone is your faithful wallet.

Camera: brand new triple rear cameras

The intrepid iQOO mobile phone, in addition to its outstanding performance in the game, who said that the mobile camera with strong game performance is only suitable for scanner? IQOO mobile phones completely break this inertial thinking. The tough iQOO was born to be the breaker.

In 2019, the iQOO mobile phone is also equipped with three cameras: the main camera uses 12 million pixels, full-pixel dual-core focusing; the ultra-wide-angle camera uses 13 million pixels, the ultra-wide-angle coverage range is 120 degrees; plus a 2 million virtual camera, three cameras cooperate synchronously to record a broader landscape; and cooperate with a new ultra-clear night. Scene 2.0, AI scene camera, day and night, time is no longer the limit of photography.

the triple rear cameras 

With regard to the front-end camera, the 12 megapixel front-end camera, combined with vivo's long-studied beauty algorithm and body-building algorithm, allows users to glow in the photos at all times. More importantly, in the current popularity of short video applications, "beauty camera" function can not only be used in taking pictures, but also in video shooting.

the front-end camera 

The image quality of iQOO mobile phone is quite good in the case of sufficient light. Because iQOO carefully adjusts the Sony IMX363 sensor and cooperates with the AI scene camera, the photos taken are very good. The AI scene camera of iQOO mobile phone is excellent in recognition speed and accuracy, which is in line with the location of its flagship mobile phone.

With the support of ultra wide angle lens, the usability of iQOO mobile phone in photography is expanded. The most obvious extension is that in some narrow spaces, with the ultra-wide angle lens, the same position can be more powerful view angle, while making the photograph more beyond the field of vision.

The main camera with 12 megapixels, together with professional virtual lens, and excellent close-up ability, the iQOO mobile phone has a very strong ability to shoot close-up, even if the photo is enlarged, the details of the photo are clearly visible.

In night shooting, the battle for night shooting has evolved again since the development of a new super-night scene model in vivo NEX dual-screen edition. In iQOO mobile phone evolution to the super-clear night scene version 2.0, night shooting, from now on, is not difficult.

the night shooting 

Speaking of self-portraits, vivo is a self-portrait spokesperson. As an extremely positioned mobile phone, iQOO mobile phone can also take very good self-timer photos. Its beauty effect is a light and natural optimization, neither frivolous nor exaggerated.

You can have both performance and photography on iQOO.

Summary: a powerful flagship smartphone with cool looks

As a new brand, iQOO gives us a wonderful feeling. Our new brand may be conservative in the beginning, but iQOO with its excellent configuration, beautiful design suddenly catch our eyes. It at least lets us remember him in the vast sea of opportunity! The first shot of iQOO was a very successful one.

From the point of view of mobile phone, iQOO is not stingy in configuration. Qualcomm's strongest snapdragon 855, rear three-camera lens and super-large memory of up to 12GB enable the mobile phone to sit steadily in the top performance seat. Next, we hope that iQOO can learn more about vivo technology, or even take a brand road of its own.


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