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Vivo X23 vs. OPPO R17: two flagships that are more similar than different

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Vivo X23 and OPPO R17 are two newly released smartphones in China. They look quite similar in design. While despite the same elegant waterdrop notch and bezel-less screen, are there any other differences between the two? The following detailed comparison will give you a clear insight into it.


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Comparing two smartphones typically means pointing out the differences in their design and performance and, ultimately, deciding which one is best. In this case, however, we are looking at two devices that have more in common than any two smartphones we've ever seen. From large bezel-less screens with in-display fingerprint sensors to powerful octa core processors and impressive amounts of RAM, the two phones are practically identical in their bestselling potential.

Design and display

The two phones come with very similar aesthetics —there are just a few slight distinctions worthy of note. One of them is the notch issue. Notches have been conquering Chinese smartphone manufacturers as the ideal way to get more screen space. While both smartphones sport the popular "tear drop" notch, the one on the Vivo X23 is narrower than that on the Oppo R17. Bezels are almost non-existent on both devices and they both sport the same AMOLED screen technology and come with a sensor that lets you easily unlock your phone. The similarities extend to the displays as well: both phones come with large full HD displays: 6.4 inches.

the design and display of Vivo X23 and OPPO R17 


Both flagships come with dual rear cams sporting AI capabilities like intelligent scene detection — this leads to better quality photos and videos even with average megapixel configurations. Speaking of which, the Vivo X23 features a 12MP + 13MP dual-camera while the OPPO R17 comes with the 16MP + 5MP setup. Both devices are capable of recording 4K video at 30fps with their primary sensors.

There is one difference, however, that may be important to some: the Oppo R17 sports a 25MP front camera, while the X23 features only 12MP on the front.

the Cameras of Vivo X23 

the cameras of Oppo R17 


You have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 running the game on both devices. An upgrade from the Snapdragon 660 (the one you will spot on the Vivo X21). The new version comes with eight powerful cores that let you get through most day-to-day tasks with a breeze. You also get better gaming, smooth operation and no lagging even when running several apps at the same time. More than that, the two phones come with the same graphics processor — the Adreno 615 making your mobile gaming a truly immersive experience.

 the CPU of Vivo X23 

Memory & storage

Here's where both phones truly bring it to the game. You get 8GB of RAM on both devices — and, on an Android device, this opens the door to a whole range of possibilities (like having more apps running in the background, faster operation speed, etc.). Taking into account that there aren't too many phones with 8GB of RAM out there (and, especially, in this price range), both the OPPO R17 and Vivo X23 are quite ahead of the competition. Both smartphones come with 128GB of onboard storage, which is plenty of room for apps and media. Unfortunately, though, you will not be able to expand the internal storage on both devices: there is no SD card slot.

the memory and storage of Vivo X23 and OPPO R17 

Fast charging

The two phones do feature batteries of slightly different capacities (3400mAh on the Vivo X23 vs. 3500mAh on the Oppo R17), but this does not lead to any substantial difference when it comes to actual use. More than that, the X23 and the R17 support ultra-fast-charging ( up to 22.5 watts) and you will be able to get your device to a full charge in no time. On the downside, there is no wireless charging support.

the battery of Oppo R17  

Biometric unlocking

Biometrics is not exactly something to get excited about these days — most smartphones come with fingerprint sensors in addition to passcode protection. But the Vivo X23 and the Oppo R17 takes things further with in-display fingerprint sensors – an even more convenient way to get to your home screen. You will no longer have to reach your fingers to the back of the phone to unlock it. Plus, it saves you plenty of design real estate making both devices look smooth and clean.

the fingerprint sensor of Vivo X23


Both the Vivo X23 and the Oppo R17 run on the base of Android 8.1. With the X23, you get the Funtouch OS custom UI while the R17 uses ColorOS — yep, we are fishing for any differences we can find here. With the UI, you get all the benefits of the latest Android OS like better screen management, Bluetooth, battery, display, and others.

the ColorOS 5.2 of Oppo R17 

Oppo R17 vs Vivo X23 specs: side by side

To sum up, let's take a quick look at the key specs of both smartphones side by side

Vivo X23
Oppo R17
6.4 inch ,2340 x 1080 pixel screen
Funtouch OS based on Android 8.1
Color OS 5.2 based on Android 8.1
Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 Octa Core 2.0GHz
12.0MP + 13.0MP dual rear cameras; 12.0MP front camera
16.0MP + 5.0MP dual rear cameras; 25.0MP front camera
External memory
Not support
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.0


VIVO X23 4G Phablet

VIVO X23 4G Phablet English and Chinese Version - BLUE
$685 $609.99    


OPPO R17 4G Phablet English and Chinese Version - HOT PINK

OPPO R17 4G Phablet English and Chinese Version - HOT PINK
$647 $549.99    


Vivo X23 vs. Oppo R17: pricing and the verdict

We were hoping that by the time we get to this point, we'd have the clear answer as to which phone wins the race — at least when it comes to affordability. But, surprise-surprise, the Vivo X23 and the Oppo R17 are almost the same price — just above $500. So, there you have it guys, two great high-level phones with two affordable price tags. Great inside specs, smooth designs, smart cameras, fast charging — what more could one ask for?

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