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Vivo Z3 - a new generation smartphone with high cost performance

ByLinky Johnson 2018-10-29 1548

Since its launch, Vivo Z series has been constantly creating surprises with strength. The new coming "Z series" smartphones, going on with their consistent pursuit of technology and perfection, bring us the comprehensive evolution of strength, wisdom and beauty. Today, let's walk into the new generation smartphone - Vivo Z3 (1598 RMB), and explore the secret of its being called "the king of cost performance".

As an important product of Vivo entering the online market, the core users of Vivo Z series are a group of young people who attach more importance to performance. The clear position makes Z1 (1199 RMB), the first model of Z series, the top sellers on all major platforms as soon as it comes to the market, and it quickly becomes the "popular mid-end performance smartphone" in the eyes of users.

  the front design of Vivo Z3

Powerful processor

The second model Z3 of Vivo's blockbuster Z series was released on October 17, bringing the powerful performance and smooth experience to the end. Vivo Z3 is equipped with the most advanced medium and high-end flagship processor in the industry -- Qualcomm Snapdragon 710AIE mobile platform. With the exclusive optimized dual-turbo engine (Vivo Dual Turbo) technology, Vivo Z3 is bound to become one of the most popular models in the second half of 2018.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 710AIE processor of Vivo Z3   

As a landmark product of Qualcomm Snapdragon medium and high-end processors, the Snapdragon 710 AIE carries the same 10nm advanced process technology as the Snapdragon 845 AIE, realizing the perfect combination of performance and battery life.

Despite this, Snapdragon 710 AIE first introduced some of its top features, such as the Kryo 300 series CPU, Adreno 600 series GPU and Hexagon 685 DSP. In practical use,  the Snapdragon 710 AIE processor has some typical features, such as the stunning photo effects, a faster download speed, cool image display and advanced audio processing capabilities.

the rear design of Vivo Z3 

At present, only Vivo Z3 and Xiaomi 8 SE (1549 RMB) are equipped with this chip in the mobile phones sold in the market. However, purely based on the cost performance, the latter may not be able to compete with Vivo Z3. In the same price product, Vivo Z3 is more competitive than other rival phones.

Design and camera

Vivo adopts the new smart water drop screen design, which is more beautiful and has higher screen proportion compared with notch screen. The 6.3-inch 1080P FHD+ HD resolution gives sharper picture quality and a different flagship experience in gaming and video.

water drop screen design of Vivo Z3  

Meanwhile, the back of Vivo Z3 adopts the 3D micro-arc design, which is more in line with the radian of palm and has a more comfortable grip. And the special mirror treatment of the appearance is also very beautiful.

From the conference held not long before, we learned that Vivo Z3 even used the new generation of facial recognition technology, which not only meet the customers’ aesthetic need for waterdrop screen, but will make users enjoy the convenient unlock at any time even in the dark environment.  

facial recognition technology of Vivo Z3  

Photographing has always been the advantages of Vivo smartphones, and there is no exception on Vivo Z3. The Vivo Z3 is equipped with 16MP + 20MP AI dual rear cameras, and 12MP front cameras. By virtue of the function of AI face recognition and intelligent beauty, the Vivo Z3 will make your selfie more clear and natural.

the camera of Vivo Z3 

Game performance and battery life

Finally, of course, there is the game performance aspect that we are most concerned about. In fact, there is no need to worry about this aspect. After all, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660's performance is good enough, not to mention the upgraded Snapdragon 710. In addition to excellent chip selection, with Vivo's exclusive optimized dual-turbo technology, game performance is definitely not a problem.

the game performance of Vivo Z3 

In terms of battery life, the charging speed of Vivo Z3 is relatively satisfying, with 53% charging in half an hour, which can meet the daily use of users. In terms of power consumption, the battery capacity of the Vivo Z3 is indeed higher than that of most models at the same price level.

All in all, we can use a word to describe this mid-range flagship smartphone Vivo Z3, “perfect”. I can't think of a better mobile phone product at the same price. Compared with the Xiaomi 8 SE, it is even more powerful. So the question is, would you rather choose Vivo Z3, which has a cleaner system and higher cost performance, or Xiaomi 8 SE, which has a lot of advertisements and screens? If you ask me to recommend it, Vivo Z3 is definitely the first choice.


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