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Vivo Z3 will go online on October 17, 2018

ByLinky Johnson 2018-10-22 1077

Since its inception, Vivo Z series has been constantly creating surprises with strength. The original heart is not disappear, the new Z series of returning new products, continue to use the scientific and technological accumulation and the constant pursuit of the extreme, bring the power, wisdom and appearance level coexistence comprehensive evolution. According to the information we have received so far, on October 17, 2018, Vivo will hold a test meeting of the Z series new product Jingdong understanding. Today we will explore this "performance flagship" together.

the poster of launch conference of Vivo Z3 

As an important work of Vivo in promoting the Internet, the core users of the Z series are a group of young people who pay more attention to performance. The clear positioning makes the Z1, the first model of the Z series, surpass the top sales lists of all major platforms as soon as it comes to the market, and it quickly becomes what users call "mid-end performance explosive".

10.17 Vivo's second Z model, the Z3, will be came out, bringing the full range of performance and fun to the end. It is reported that Vivo Z3 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710AIE, the most advanced high-end flagship processor in the industry at present, and with Vivo's exclusive optimized dual-turbo engine technology, Vivo Z3 is bound to become the explosive model in the second half of 2018.

the dual-turbo engine technology of Vivo Z3 

As a landmark product of Qualcomm Snapdragon medium and high-end processors, the Snapdragon 710 AIE carries the same 10nm advanced process technology of Snapdragon 845 AIE, realizing the perfect combination of performance and battery life. Despite this, Snapdragon 710 AIE first introduced some of its top features, such as the Kryo 300 series CPU, Adreno 600 series GPU and Hexagon 685 DSP. In practical use, stunning photo effects, a faster download speed, cool image display and advanced audio processing capabilities are typical of the Snapdragon 710 AIE processor.

In terms of AI, Snapdragon 710 AIE has achieved up to twice the overall performance improvement compared with Snapdragon 660, which will greatly expand the application scope of Z3. Previously, Vivo X23 and Vivo NEX were both excellent models with a wide range of high-quality AI applications, and the actual performance of Z3 is particularly worthy of expectation.

Vivo Z3 is positioned as "performance strength", which not only meets young users' pursuit of performance strength, but also breaks the awkward situation that performance models cannot give consideration to appearance. The machine adopts post-fingerprint identification method and flowing blue and black gradual color scheme, which demonstrates the artistic dialogue between minimalism technology and natural light and shadow.

the back design of Vivo Z3 

From the perspective of product positioning, Z series belongs to the mid-range model of Vivo. Since its launch, it has become one of the most popular models at the same price point, thanks to its smooth use experience, no-fault performance and competitive price.

Based on the current exposure of various aspects, it is indeed impossible to choose a product of the same level. Tomorrow will be the new product launch of Vivo Z3. If you are interested in this new machine, do not prevent continuous attention.


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