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What watchOS 6 will look like currently only Apple knows. Matt Birchler has not let this unsettle him and proves his skills: He has devised his own designs and functions for watchOS. We think - we succeeded.




Matt Birchler published again this year a new watchOS concept design. This time, of course, it's about watchOS 6, which will probably be shown at the WWDC in the summer of 2019 and will then be published as usual in the fall of 2019, after it has been put through its paces by beta testers.


Birchler writes that the Siri dial was one of his favorite additions to watchOS 4, but it's time to upgrade to watchOS 6. He has devised a completely different design with a minimalist interface. Other featured features include new Siri dial, new sleep tracking rings and more.


"This new version of the dial retains the same map metaphor as it does today, but instead of using the blue-violet cards that many people do not like, it should use the new complication style of the modular infographic, which allows apps to see more custom user interfaces on this page many of the colors can be eliminated. "


The designer has also developed a dock layout for watchOS 6 he thinks was better: "My suggestion is to convert the dock into a grid system, at least for the models of the Series 4 and newer models.The 44mm model offers more space than ever before, and these pixels could be used more effectively to get a full preview of your recently used apps. "


As Apple could realize a sleep tracking, and also could add rings for a general feel-good function in watchOS, Birchler has also considered and builds on the concept of the activity rings of Apple and also uses them to represent sleep and well-being. Users can see at a glance whether they have slept enough and the like. "In my mockups I could bring 4 apps on the screen and still easily recognize the content of the app and use it with ease." The list should of course still scroll, and Your last 8-12 apps should be displayed here. "


watchOS 6 is expected to be launched at WWDC in June 2019, with a developer beta testing phase before the smartwatch operating system will be released to the public in September 2019, as was the case in previous years.


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