WatchOS 6: These 12 features we want for the Apple Watch

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In addition to iOS 13, Apple will also give us a first look at watchOS 6 in the summer of 2019 - the successor to the current system for the Apple Watch. There is still time to prepare a wish list for the "gift table" of the smartwatch - we are so free.




12 functions or change requests are then at the end. The starting point for this is the latest concept for watchOS 6 from BirchTree. Although the Apple Watch Series 4 and the current watchOS 5 were a big step, there's plenty of room for improvement.


WatchOS 6 wish list: The next system update for the Apple Watch

Sometimes, there are only minimal suggestions for improvement that would optimize the previous system of the Apple Watch. Whether Apple actually takes over some of the ideas? We have to wait until the WWDC (Apple's developer conference) in early June 2019, because then Tim Cook and his colleagues in the Apple Keynote are likely to talk about it. But now first to point 1 on our wish list for watchOS 6 .

Sleep monitoring:

Even if current rumors that this function should come until 2020, the draft already provides the option for watchOS 6 before. The well-known and proven concept of the activity rings to be filled is taken up here.

Raster layout for the dock:

A big but understandable wish. The current dock of the Apple Watch with the vertical scroll direction is actually quite a waste of space. Better: A new, clear grid layout, which presents the apps much clearer. Scrolling may continue, but then again horizontally.

New dials:

self-explanatory, because the range of dials provided by Apple is still very manageable and still leans on the first models. Since you want a bit more variety, not least because with the Apple Watch Series 4 also more space is available.

iPhone handover:

The "continuity", ie the seamless synchronization between iPhone and Apple Watch, is already in audio and fitness apps, other areas would be desirable. For example: When opening the camera app on the iPhone opens at the same time the accompanying companion app on the Apple Watch. Also conceivable: start stopwatch on the iPhone and control the time course on the Apple Watch.

Better data transfer:

Transferring a podcast to the Apple Watch quickly can be a bit of a test of patience, because whether the smartwatch uses the slow Bluetooth connection or the fast WLAN can not always be predicted without doubt. Better yet: Simply, if possible, always use WiFi directly.

Custom dials:

Why are there still no third-party dials in the App Store? The desire for it exists since the beginnings of the Apple Watch, but Apple still ignores the desire - why only?

Improved automatic training detection:

Nice that the Apple Watch automatically detects various activities and starts the recording of the training session, but why asks the clock at the end of the activity, if the recording should be stopped and does not simply terminate this? Whoever misses the confirmation, has only an incorrect record at the end.

Battery indicator of the iPhone:

It would be very convenient to be able to read the battery status of the iPhone on the Apple Watch. So you do not have to get the extra phone out of your pocket.

Training record of chores:

Snow shoveling, mowing the lawn, washing up, cleaning the car and much more - tough, but the Apple Watch still ignores such domestic activities. Should change.

Stand-alone setup:

The Apple Watch is still forcing an iPhone - installing apps and updates without Apple's phone. Once, this was similar for the iPhone, and the iPad - without iTunes on the Mac or PC, nothing worked. Meanwhile, the devices have emancipated, can also be set up and updated completely independently. Would be nice if Apple would allow the smartwatch synonymous.

Android support:

The Apple Watch arouses greed, not least with Android users. But they are ignored by Apple. We rejoice in the openness of Apple back in the days of the iPod. The cult player once worked together with Windows from the 2nd generation onwards. So Apple, jump over your shadow. Who knows, maybe one or the other Android users will buy an iPhone in the future after the Apple Watch.

And what features do you want from Apple for the upcoming watchOS 6?


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