What we expect from the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

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Xiaomi has already confirmed an important news: there will be new Xiaomi my Band in 2019, Mi Band 4. However, and due to the great sales success of the current model, the brand has not wanted to confirm when it will arrive, and they have not released a pledge on how it will be, except for some features that have already been confirmed.

There are things that we can expect from the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and they are reasonable, an evolution with respect to the Mi Band 3 that is currently sold for about 22 euros in Spain and has swept in the market of the smartbands, becoming without a doubt the model to beat and Reference. It is one of the most expected products of the brand in 2019.

The problem for Xiaomi-blessed problem in this case-is that the value of my Band 3 is so good that it is difficult to get something better right now, and perhaps this is why they have delayed as far as possible the launch of the new mode What.

That said, we have developed a list of features that we will probably see in Mi Band 4 when I arrive, some of them already announced and others not so much.

Here they go, waiting for the Chinese company to announce their new SmartBand.

Bluetooth 5.0

This is one of the features that have already been officially confirmed: the Bluetooth 4.2 will be passed to the 5.0, which already equips most mobiles that reach the market.

It is a new version of Bluetooth much more stable and efficient, with fewer signal cuts and reduced battery consumption. It is not a big step forward, but in theory should serve to lengthen a little more the battery of the My Band, which already is quite good.

NFC version

Another feature of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 that has been confirmed is that there will be a version with NFC, that is to say, with chip for mobile payments. The big question is whether it will reach the west and at what price it will.

The obvious thing is that doing so will force users to link their bank account to Alipay, Alibaba's mobile payment system. That is why perhaps the interest in this benefit is not so much, although it is certainly important.

Once more OLED and IP68

My Band 3 broke the market for several things. Two of them were its low-consumption OLED screen, perfect for seeing it in full sunlight. The other was the IP68 certification that makes it submersible.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Both things and for only 29 euros of price in launch, a bargain. It is expected that of course the two will return to the game in the new model.

Electrocardiograms? Might be but it's not likely

This feature is perhaps a rumor without too much foundation motivated by the Apple Watch Series 4, the first to perform an electrocardiogram. Of course the Apple Watch costs more than 400 euros and Mi Band 4 will cost the tenth as much.

You can not demand the ECG to a smartband and surely will not, as it is logical, although many insist that it is a probability.

Price below 40 euros

If the smartbands of Xiaomi have conquered their sector is certainly because they are good and very cheap. We have already said that currently the Mi Band 3 is available for about $30, so the price is unlikely to increase too much.


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