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The fact that WhatsApp is working on a dark mode for its app is an open secret: Already in October 2018 first hints for a dark mode were discovered in a beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. In March 2019, screenshots from WhatsApp beta versions for Android appeared, which clearly showed that a dark fashion was being worked on.

For version 2.19.123 of the app, however, all hints to the dark mode disappeared from the source code at the beginning of May and did not appear again in the next version, which might have disappointed many fans. In the meantime you can breathe a sigh of relief: In the newer versions of the WhatsApp beta the Dark Mode has returned under the name "Night Mode".

WhatsApp: Dark fashion is back again

WABetaInfo had already announced on Twitter a few days after the news of the disappearance of all dark fashion tracks that WhatsApp was still working on the feature, but probably wanted to take a new approach. As it turns out, they were right and the beta version 2.19.139 of the Android app again contained hints about Dark Mode and WABetaInfo provided screenshots. In the beta version 2.19.145 WABetaInfo has now collected even more screenshots of the WhatsApp dark mode.

Dark fashion is a night fashion

The new posting on WABetaInfo states that the Dark Mode for WhatsApp is a terminologically correct "Night Mode". If this is activated, the app background becomes dark grey with highlights and fonts in slightly lighter shades of grey. The dark view is intended to protect the user's eyes, especially in the dark, and to save batteries for mobile phones with OLED screens.

In the meantime, Night Mode has been adapted to many different aspects of the app such as settings, chat overview and call list. Some other surfaces are still missing.

New beta version brings night-mode pictures

New beta version brings night-mode pictures

n the beta version 2.19.145, Night Mode is also available for contact selection and contact info according to WABetainfo, WhatsApp is still working on a complete design for the group info. However, the Night Mode is still not activated for users, even a release date is not yet known. CHIP will keep you up to date as new developments arise.


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