WhatsApp for Android: the dark mode is almost ready

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The latest beta of WhatsApp, version 2.19.145, gives us a closer look at the dark mode that will reduce eye strain.

Despite the thick competition, WhatsApp still remains at the top of the list of the most downloaded apps in the world and the favorite messaging platform on smartphones. This does not mean that it is a perfect application, but with each beta release we discover new and interesting features that improve its use, including the one we will see very much taken, called "dark mode".


WhatsApp: how will the dark mode be?

We have already glimpsed the "dark mode" in a previous beta update of WhatsApp, but it was only a small preview, given that we now have the opportunity to observe in more detail some screens and the new user interface.

The latest beta of WhatsApp, version 2.19.145, gives us a closer look at the dark mode that, first of all, will help reduce eye strain and improve battery life on devices with an OLED panel.

Obviously, since the function is still under development, not all the sections work properly: among these, the Group Info section, within the group chats, which shows all the participants and allows you to invite further contacts.

The developers also implemented the new mode on the contact list, contact information, and groups. The appeal is still lacking some sections that should be released shortly to allow users who have the right to test the new night functionality.

The new night mode of WhatsApp, as you can see from the images, is not completely black: it looks more like a deep gray similar to the dark mode of Twitter.

Recall that for the moment it is not possible to activate the functionality from your personal profile: the dark mode is only available in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, used by developers to test the news. In order to register for the program it is necessary to download the application from the Google Play Store.


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