Why is a gamepad worthwhile for games?

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Gamepad - the game controller for PC and console. You as a gamer are spoilt for choice at Controller&Co. For VR games, a real controller is a must have to experience virtual reality in its entirety.

But the professional gamepad might not be worth it for every videogamer and is it really useful to invest this money for you?

The gamepad is a question of one's own demands and who has once discovered the benefit for himself in reality when playing with such a professional controller will be happy to have made this decision for such an investment.

Gamepads as the only controller offer the advantage that you can play with them on any console and so you quickly got used to the gamepad as an individual tool. The gaming experience is simply more authentic if you don't always have to operate with different controllers, so there's also an important comfort advantage to be found here.

The Gamepad and its advantages and disadvantages

The simple gamepad can be found today as basic equipment on any standard console with video games. They usually have buttons, a control pad and a small analogue stick as operating elements.

The advantages are simply very clear, because the simplified comfortable menu guidance is convincing and as already indicated, all formats of the video consoles can be played equally with an external gamepad. So you simply take your own gamepad with you when you play and you always have the same feeling. Racing games simply run better with a gamepad. The control is comfortable and direct, which of course benefits the performance and generally games that are controlled with a gamepad run rounder. That refers to many games and also something the use of weapons in games is simply more convenient.

But now we are talking about standard gamepads. With these you get the flexible use and the comfort as an essential advantage. Professional gamepads for example have hot keys and other features. That's something else and playing RTS games just needs this equipment.

There are also disadvantages and they can be summarized in one sentence, not all genres of the games are covered and therefore there are slight limitations.

What should a good gamepad bring?

Compatibility with the desired system

Of course the compatibility with your system. All systems cannot be covered with a game controller. There are all-rounders, as we have listed below, that already cover a quite high number of systems. However, the most important question is which system you want to connect the game controller to. There are the following possibilities:

▪ PC or Laptop

▪ playstation

▪ xbox

▪ Wii U

▪ Nintendo device

▪ Amazon Fire TV

▪ Apple TV

▪ Smartphone under Android or iOS

The system must be clear beforehand and must be taken into account at the time of purchase.


A good game controller must react quickly and precisely, otherwise the chances of mastering the game are bad. Anger and frustration are inevitable if this characteristic is not fulfilled.

Ergonomics, quality and expandability

The gamepad should lie well in the hands and have a pleasant feel. The control elements should be of high quality and work precisely, should not shake or crack and should not crack.

Own key combinations should be configurable.

The game controller should support vibrations. This gives the player feedback back from the game. The game is more intensively playable, makes more fun and the player is faster and more successful in gaming due to the feedback.

In addition to vibrations, there are also illuminated keys, which the gamer should not do without.

Cable or wireless?

At the moment the trend is towards wireless game controllers. Freedom of movement is guaranteed, the cable is not constantly in the way, the distance to the output device is increasing, which is especially advantageous when connecting to a television. Wireless controllers are usually connected via Bluetooth or a manufacturer's own receiver.

The gamepads on the cable usually find their way through the USB port of the output system. The very large systems in the VR area, on the other hand, still bring many of their own cables with them. Here the wiring is worthwhile, because a grandiose VR experience is thereby secured.

Expandability and connections

Especially for the VR area it is great if your gamepad has an input for a VR headset or a headset for great sound. An input for a microphone supports communication when playing with other gamers.

What should I pay attention to when buying a game controller?

Even the basic versions of these gamepads are a good investment if you want to play individually and comfortably. Pay attention to the latencies of the response times, especially if it is a wireless device.

You also need to look for the brand if you don't want to buy from the console manufacturer, for example. Price and performance are a natural part of the search process, which you check every time you buy a wireless device. Let's get to the well-known manufacturers. Logitech, Speed Link, and other well-known manufacturers are really good brands, and if you're really considering a purchase, you can decide here based purely on price considerations. Good gamepads are easier to navigate and transfer all your hand's reactions directly into the game. You can refer to the brand names and these manufacturers provide really good technology on their products known as gamepads.

The purchase can only be worthwhile if you really play very intensely. Otherwise, the conventional products of the video console manufacturers are completely sufficient and these gamepads are already included in your console.

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