Will Grand Theft Auto 6 include San Andreas? GTA 6 may take place in 3 locations

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With GTA V, Rockstar Games has created a modern milestone in video game history. Since the release, however, a few years have passed and the fans of the series are eagerly awaiting GTA 6. We have collected all the information and rumors for the next part of the series for you.

Grand Theft Auto 6


GTA 6: Liberty City, Vice City & Los Santos in one game?

For a while now, rumors have been circulating that GTA 6 is supposed to have two cities as locations for action. These are supposed to be Miami and New York, so probably their GTA counterparts Vice City and Liberty City. The two cities are to be connected by highways leading through a huge landscape.

Now a new rumor is going around that besides Vice City and Liberty City also Los Santos should be included. On the evaluation page Glassdoor a supposed ex-employee of Rockstar Games gave a corresponding hint. He wrote some suggestions for improvement to his former employer. But on closer inspection it becomes apparent that the initial letters of the sentences here result in the following: "GTA6LSVCLC". These are a clear reference to the three cities Los Santos (LS), Vice City (VC) and Liberty City (LC).

But of course this entry is not to be understood as confirmation. It could be someone who made a joke.

GTA 6: What's the plot in Tokyo or South America?

Some rumors about the plot are already circulating through the net. According to this, the player should start as a small criminal in Liberty City. Over time, you're supposed to improve your reputation and be ordered to Vice City, where you join a known gang and work your way up to the boss.

For some years now there has also been speculation that the player might be up to his ears in Tokyo. The developers of Rockstar Games were already on the road in the Japanese capital to research GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City. However, they found that the Japanese capital's road network was simply too complex for a video game at the time. Whether this has changed remains to be seen.

The YouTube channel The Know, on the other hand, claims to have insider information from a source employed by Rockstar Games. South America could also be considered as another location. Accordingly, the project name of GTA 6 is "Project Americas". Furthermore, the source stated that this time one should be able to play a female protagonist.

Grand Theft Auto 6 location

GTA 6: No versions for PS4 and Xbox One?

GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas were all released for the same generation of consoles, PlayStation 2. Since then, fans of the GTA series have always had to wait until a new PlayStation is released.

And this will probably also be the case with GTA 6. The title will be released quite safely for the PlayStation 5 - and only for the PlayStation 5? Unlike GTA 5, the next part of the popular series may not be available for the previous console, in this case PlayStation 4. No version is planned for the current Xbox either.

At least that's what a supposed industry insider on the Pastebin page (via Reddit) says about a meanwhile deleted article. As a result, the technical requirements for the game are too demanding for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So anyone who wants to enjoy the new GTA title would have to buy a PlayStation 5 or a new Xbox.

GTA 6: When will the game be on the market?

Sony and Microsoft need a coveted game as a "system seller" for the release of new consoles. No other title would be better suited for this than GTA 6. The fact that the PlayStation 5 will be launched in 2020 is very likely.

There were about seven years between the releases of GTA III and GTA IV. The current episode of the franchise appeared in 2013, another five years later. If one takes this course as a yardstick, GTA 6 would have to be published sometime in the next two years - although of course it is not a matter of legality.

So there are many indications of a release in 2020.

Rock star has respect for era Trump

Currently, Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games and chief author of GTA 6, has vaguely commented on a release of GTA 6. In an interview with GQ, Houser revealed that he would be happy not to develop GTA 6 at the moment. The social situation during the Trump era is to blame for this: "Alone how angry people would be at us, no matter what we did. Both the extreme liberals and the extreme conservatives are both very militant and very angry," Houser explains. "It's hard to look at anything satirical at all."

It doesn't say much about the release date, of course, but more about the mood at Rockstar. It's hard to imagine that Rockstar will wait Trumps until the end of the presidency with the development of GTA 6 - because in the worst case that would not be until 2025.


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