Windows 10 1903 version update officially pushed: you can update your Windows 10 in these ways

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Time has come to the end of May, and with a high degree of caution, Microsoft has only recently begun to push Windows 10 1903 (May, 2019) version updates to regular users.

The 1903 version of the update will support the application's "dark", sandbox security programs and other content, the most important thing is that the 1903 version will be able to postpone Windows security updates, solving many users "unexplained computer has been restarted" problem . But Microsoft does not push all users at the beginning, but uses a batch push method, so many users may not have received official push from Microsoft. And if you want to update in the first time, there are now many ways to upgrade directly to the 1903 version.

Windows 10 1903 version

How to update your Windows 10?

Method 1: first check to see if there is an update in your "Setup - Update and Security". Maybe you are the first user to be pushed. This is more worry-free, you can upgrade directly and restart.

Method 2: through the Microsoft official channel 1903 version of the media creation tool. In fact, as early as the beginning of April, I has successfully upgraded to the 1903 version using this tool. Later, the download page of this tool was offline until recently. open. This tool is very simple, you can choose to update the current computer directly, you can also create a .iso CD image or install a USB flash drive, and new devices can be installed.

Method 3: it is downloaded on a website such as MSDN. MSDN also launched the 1903 version of the image file as early as April 19. In the selection, it must be noted that the image is divided into x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit). ) version, if it is an upgrade, please check how many original systems are; if the device is installed with a new operating system, only some very old devices still need to use 32-bit systems.

The download method is to copy the string at the beginning of ed2k://, in the download tool "Create Task - Paste - Download", you will get a 4.57GB size (with 64-bit "consumer version" as an example). The file is then installed through the PE system. At the same time, it should be noted that Windows 10 will distinguish between the consumer version and the enterprise version. The operating systems included in the two versions are different. Please understand and select before downloading.

Update your Windows 10 tips

Finally, before installing the system, please carefully choose whether you want to keep the personal files in the system, to avoid unnecessary losses after installation / upgrade.


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