Xbox One S vs Xbox One X: winner is? 

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Xbox One X is a sister product of One and One S, which has been developed and planned for many years. In theory, it should provide a lot of performance and feature improvements over its predecessors.But is it worth buying compared to the cheaper Xbox One? 

Xbox One X

If you have an Xbox One or Xbox One S, and are considering job-hopping, please check our depth comparison to see if it suits you. 

Xbox One S vs Xbox One X: Hardware

Xbox One X

Because Xbox One X is part of the Xbox One family, the biggest difference between it and the current Xbox One model is internal.Microsoft has made significant architectural changes to its design, rather than simply investing more modern hardware to address the occasional performance gap between Xbox One and PS4. The graphics chip of the Xbox One X can hold 40 computing units, which is slightly thinner than the Xbox One S with only 12 computing units. 

The core of xboxone X is also optimized for directx12, with a clock rate of 1172 mhz, much higher than xboxone and xboxone s. 

Overall, the graphics performance of the, Xbox One X is about 6 trillion floating-point (teraflop), which means that its original power consumption is slightly lower than the Nvidia GTX 1070 desktop graphics card and slightly higher than the AMD RX 480. This means that the graphics performance of Xbox One X is more than 4.5 times that of the original Xbox One. 

Xbox One X also comes with 12GB's GDDR5 memory, which will give developers more flexibility and really help the system handle 4K content. By contrast, the first generation of Xbox One had only 8 grams of memory. 1TB's internal hard drive is 50% faster than One X, resulting in faster boot time and less screen loading than previous generations of hosts. 

Winner: Xbox One X. 

Xbox One S vs Xbox One X: Design

In terms of physical design, xboxone X adopts matte black treatment, which is different from the white treatment of xboxone s. Xbox One X weighs two pounds more than Xbox One s, and although it weighs more, there is little difference in physical size. In any case, the days of large Xbox One packed with media hosts are over. 

The back of the console has the same port layout and has a built-in power supply. Both include a USB port on the front, though on the opposite side. On xboxone X, the eject button is located below the disc slot, not on the side of the xboxone S. 

The main design differences between the two may affect how you organize your entertainment center is the location of the fan. On Xbox One S, when it runs, heat is emitted through the top of the console. The Xbox One X emits heat through the back of the console. This means that you can pile other consoles, DVD players, TV boxes, etc., on the Xbox One X without having to worry about the system overheating. 

Although Xbox One X draws on many Xbox One S designs, the modified fan design gives Xbox One X an advantage. 

Winner: Xbox One X. 

Xbox One S vs Xbox One X: Resolution and number of Fram

Xbox One X

All of these features are designed to drive 4K resolution, which is seen by many as the next important benchmark for mainstream games. The 4K is four times as detailed as the current standard 1080p, providing clearer details and more realistic visual effects. Considering that the original Xbox One sometimes struggled to provide 1080p at more than 30 frames per second, a large part of the Xbox One X was designed to support ultra-HD resolution games at a higher frame rate.

Since the launch of the console, many games have been updated to support a full screen of 60 frames per second and play on the Xbox One x at 4K. 

The visual effects of the upgraded version of the game are so clear that the HDR can bring bright light and shadow into life in a way that other consoles cannot replicate. However, when it is connected to a 1080p TV without the contrast and brightness required by the HDR, many of the attractions disappear. This is where most people are still using their games, and Xbox One X certainly means experience in high-end settings. Users of older televisions will still see some performance improvements in terms of frame rate and improved texture, but 4K televisions really turn on the functionality of Xbox One X. 

Winner: Xbox One X

Xbox One X

Although without digital support, its market prospects are not very good, but High Dynamic Range (HDR) is another major display technology used by hardware manufacturers for consumer upgrades., Xbox One X is also fully supported. This allows the system to work with HDR-enabled monitors to display a wider range of bright and dark lights, usually with the help of OLED or local dimming. The explosion looks like a real fire. The shadow has bigger details, and it's hard to explain without seeing it.

This is something that Xbox One cannot do, so it lags behind. Both Xbox One S and Xbox One X support HDR 10 and compatible games and offer significant visual improvements.

Winner: draw.

Xbox One S vs Xbox One X: Game support and backward compatibility

Just like the PlayStation 4 Pro, developers need to take advantage of the additional features of xboxone X for better frame rate and native 4K support. Microsoft has been steadily releasing games that support 4K and / or HDR.

In terms of game support, all games can be played on Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One x, including access to backward-compatible Xbox 360 libraries. Some Xbox 360 games, including Halo 3 and radiation 3, have even upgraded Xbox One X for better performance.

Winner: Xbox One X.

Xbox One S vs Xbox One X: Price and availability

The biggest difference between Xbox One X and Xbox One S is the price. The Xbox One X retails for $500. If you don't have a 4K HDR TV, it's even more expensive to make the most of this high-end console.At the same time, Xbox One S's "starter package" sells for about $300, including a three-month Xbox Game Pass, that allows you to play a variety of games without having to buy them directly. Xbox One S is also on the market a lot, so you may find it cheaper.

There may not be a clear winner in the price discussion, but there must be a clear loser. Although the performance of the Xbox One X has improved significantly, it still sells for nearly twice as much as the Xbox One X. If you don't already have an Xbox One, this may be a easier pill to swallow, but for beautiful users with Xbox One or Xbox One S, the leap may not be worth it.

Winner: Xbox One S.

Xbox One S vs Xbox One X: Conclusion

As the competition for Xbox One narrows to two hosts, you can choose between power consumption and price. Xbox One S provides a high quality system at a very low price. , Xbox One S is a good choice for many people, especially those who don't have a 4K TV.However, if you want to make the most of your console game, Xbox One X is the system you need, it provides performance that competitors can't match.

Overall winner: Xbox One X

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