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Xiaomi 10000mAh wireless power bank review: it can offer 10W wireless charging for 3 devices at the same time

ByLinky Johnson 2019-03-18 13128

Wireless charging becomes more and more popular on the market. On the Xiaomi Mi 9 launch event, Xiaomi released 3 kinds of wireless charging devices, including wireless charger, wireless car charger and wireless power bank. This time, we take a close look at the Xiaomi 10000mAh wireless power bank.

Xiaomi 10000mAh wireless power bank  

Open the package box, there is a Xiaomi 10000mAh wireless power bank and a Type-C charging cable.  

Actually, when I first saw this wireless power bank, I felt that it was not much different from other Xiaomi power banks.

After turning the power bank over, we finally found the difference. This is the location of wireless charging for mobile phones and other devices. Most of its surface is anti-slip soft elastic coating. When touching, you will have some rubber feel. Placing the mobile phone on it will not cause wear and tear on the surface of the mobile phone except for its anti-skid effect.

 anti-slip soft elastic coating surface 

Like other Xiami power bank, detailed charging parameters are printed on the bottom of the power bank. The maximum power of input and output of the system is 10 W, while that of wireless charging is 10 W.

A USB interface, a type-C interface and an indicator lamp showing the remaining electricity are designed at the top position of the power bank. It is worth noting that the type-C interface not only supports the input function, but also the output function, and each interface supports 18W fast charging function.

type-C interface 

In terms of wireless charging, Xiaomi wireless power bank supports the Qi protocol. For the mobile phones such as Xiaomi 9 or Xiaomi Mix 3, it can support 10W wireless charging. If you charge Apple mobile phone, it will be 7.5W wireless fast charging. If you use other brands, it will be reduced to 5W power. So it can be seen from here that this the power bank is more suitable for Xiaomi’s and Apple’s phones.

10W wireless charging 

Some people may be more concerned about the portability of power bank when it charges the mobile phone wirelessly, so I will make a demonstration. Personally, I think it will be more difficult to use the mobile phone with one hand in the process of wireless charging. Moreover, for a mobile phone like Mi3, which uses a rear fingerprint, unlocking the screen is not convenient, and Xiaomi 9 may be more suitable.

In addition, if you want to play games while charging, is it feasible? Once I heard some people say that mobile phones can not be used in the process of wireless charging, in fact, this statement is mainly applicable to the ordinary wireless charging base. If you hold the wireless power bank and mobile phone in both hands to play the game, I personally think it no problem. This will not affect the operation of the game in the charging process. Of course, it is better to put your hands on the desktop in the process of the game. After all, the power bank still has some weight.

In addition to wireless charging, Xiaomi wireless power bank can also charge other devices by wired way. Besides a common type-C charging line, you need a type-C to type-C charging line to realize the simultaneous charging of three devices, because I have not yet started type-C to type-C charging line, so it is impossible to show three devices charging at the same time. 

the simultaneous charging of three devices 

Generally speaking, the reason why most people buy wireless power bank is probably to use it for wireless charging of mobile phones. After all, the price of a power bank without wireless charging function will be much cheaper. Xiaomi wireless power bank supports 10W charging. It takes me about two hours to charge Xiaomi MIX3. If it is Xiaomi 9, it only takes about one and a half hours. The charging speed is actually very fast. After I got used to the wireless charging function these days, I don't want to find a line any more.  

Xiaomi's power banks are mostly made of metal materials. On the one hand, heat dissipation may be taken into account, on the other hand, they are more durable and fall-proof, but they also bring about the problem of easy scratch on the metal surface, which will affect the perception after scratch. In addition, there is only one charging line for accessories. It would be better if we could send another type-C to type-C charging line.



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