Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera review: perfect for Mijia No.9 self-balancing scooter

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Xiaomi company released its first Pan-tilt camera in November - Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera. Featuring 3-axis mechanical stabilization and 16 million pixels, it just sells $326.63 on Gearbest. Is it worth buying? Let's find the truth.

Compared with the previous launched Xiaomi cameras, such as:

Xiaomi Mijia Mini 4K Action Camera

Xiaomi dafang 1080P Smart Monitor Camera

Xiaomi mijia 1080P Smart IP Camera

This Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera is more like your personal phatagrapher. The new camera is marketed as the perfect addition to the Xiaomi Mijia No.9 Self-balancing Scooter — as well as a multifunctional camera capable of the "smoothest footage imaginable". Now, let's show you a panorama of it. 

Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera 

Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera: design

Let's not beat around the bush: the first thing of note about the cam is the gimbal it comes attached to. The gimbal is obviously there to enhance the camera's functionality: you will be able to take smoother, less "shaky" videos and eliminate all the bounce that is often responsible for significantly bringing down your video's quality.

The gimbal itself, though being the major part of the gadget, does not seem to come with too much bulk. It is designed to fit right onto Xiaomi's self-balancing scooter and comes with three motors, which ensure efficient stabilization.

the gimbal of Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera

The camera itself is made in the best traditions of Xiaomi's security camera design. Just like the Xiaomi Mijia Smart 720P Camera, it's compact, round in shape and elegantly white.

Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera: performance and functionality

Here is where things get interesting. As mentioned earlier, the Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt camera is the perfect fit for the Xiaomi Mijia No.9 Plus Self Balancing Scooter and its design and functionality also follow suit. However, the camera's performance is not limited to being a media bike accessory. Let's take a closer look.

1080P resolution: the Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt cam offers top notch resolution for action videos. With 1080P, you can shoot great quality footage that will look impressive both on mobile devices and on the big screen.

1080P resolution of Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera

3-axis gimbal: the 3-axis gimbal is one of the key features of the camera that brings a lot into the mix. If you don't own the Mijia No.9 Plus Self Balancing Scooter, you may not fully appreciate the camera's gimbal accessory at first — but it will prove to be very helpful in action filming. The stabilizing gadget includes three motors, which will let you keep the camera steady, whether it sits on your bike or is held manually, resulting in better quality footage and clearer photos.

16M effective pixels: Effective pixels are the pixels actually involved in capturing image data. 16M pixels will let you capture high definition photos and true color images.

104 wide angle shooting: the cam will let you shoot videos with a wide field of view.

wide angel of Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera

Wi-Fi support: the cam comes with Wi-Fi support — so you will have the option of easily transferring files and sharing media without cables.

Decent battery life: the camera comes with 3000mAh battery that allows for 5 hours of working time and 8 hours on standby.

Ease of use: Despite the camera's "complex" design, taking a photo or making a video can be done with a press of a button.

Now, let's see what the Xiaomi 1080P Pan-tilt camera is not capable of.

Protection from the elements. One of the main features of most action cameras is their ability to work under harsh conditions. However, the Xiaomi 1080P Pan-tilt cam is neither water nor dust-proof — and this can be a major drawback if you are planning to use the camera to film your extreme adventures.

No night vision. The absence of a powerful LED flash would be a disadvantage if you considering using the camera for security purposes or if you often film in low light conditions.

Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera: is it worth buying?

If you already have the Xiaomi Mijia No.9 Self-balancing scooter then the answer to the above question is a strong yes. The scooter already comes with storage area designed to house the camera — so, with the Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt camera you have a ready-made media accessory created for your bike. You will be able to create fun videos of your bike roadtrips and always have a camera ready when you need one.

the storage house of Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera on Mijia No.9 self-balancing scooter

If you don't have the bike, it all depends on what kind of action camera you are looking for.  Thanks to its 3-axis gimbal, The Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera is a great option for long periods of non-shake filming and would work great as an attachment to different forms of transportation (bikes, scooters, motorbikes, etc.). The fact that the cam is not waterproof or dustproof does limit its use as an action cam — so do consider going with a more specialized gadget (like, for instance, the Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K action camera) if you are into extreme sports or often film in less than favorable conditions.

With that, the camera's functionality is well worth its price tag — and with the much awaited Black Friday sale, you may get lucky and grab the cam at a very impressive discount.


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