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Xiaomi 70mai 2-in-1 car phone holder debut: supporting wireless quick charging for 79 RMB

ByNiki Jones 2019-01-14 5256

70mai is the only company in the Xiaomi ecological chain dedicated to vehicle-mounted smart products, research and development of the series of products include: car recorder series, smart rearview mirror series, rearview mirror car recorder and Mijia car recorder released by Xiaomi last year.

Today, the 70mai introduced a wireless charging mobile phone holder, which enables the wireless charging and the mobile phone holder to became one, and save the trouble caused by mobile phone charging and unstable holder when driving.

70mai vehicle-mounted wireless mobile phone holder

It supports a maximum of 10W wireless security quick charging, and is approved by the wireless charging alliance and authorized by Qi. When the mobile phone needs to be charged, the driver can focus on driving without tedious plugging and plugging. The experience of charging the phone as soon as put it down can enable the driver to experience the convenience brought by wireless charging on the road.

The 70maicar wireless mobile phone holder comes with aviation aluminum alloy heat sink to dissipate heat quickly and care for the battery. The independent coil with high material copper core is selected to stabilize the continuous power even in bumpy road. The smart chip set identifies different charging devices to ensure quick and safe charging.

 the independent coil with high material copper core

The 70maicar wireless mobile phone holder can intelligently sense the size and weight of different models, so as to start the gravity linkage locking, which can firmly fix the mobile phone in any road condition. And the design of three gear, respectively adapt to the mainstream mobile phone model on the market, and placing and taking out can be operated by only one hand, so that charging and navigation are more convenient.

When the traditional car charger is used to charge mobile phones, it is tedious to plug and unplug the data line, which will affect the driving safety. However, the 70maicar mobile phone  holder enables the functions of wireless charging and the mobile phone holder to became one. Both navigation and charging can be operated synchronously, which improves the driving safety.

In terms of compatibility, the 70mai is designed with three levels, which is compatible with the mainstream mobile phone models that are suitable for wireless charging. This saves the need to adjust the length and width of the holder repeatedly after each plug and unplug.

In order to adapt to different air outlets, the 70maicar wireless mobile phone holder will present  two specifications of plug-in chuck, which can meet the needs of most car owners. This mobile phone holder will only cost 79 RMB during its debut, users who are interested may pay attention to it.

 70mai air outlets


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