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Xiaomi 70mai car air purifier pro using experience: good-value and excellent purifying performance

ByLinky Johnson 2019-01-18 7898

Maybe you don’t know, our car is also full of invisible harmful air substances, such as PM2.5 and PM10. The car interiors also emit some harmful substances, such as TVOC. We can’t see those harmful substances, but they do exist. If we don’t clean them in time, it will be harmful for hour health. So a car air purifier is very necessary for drivers or families.

Xiaomi 70mai car air purifier pro 

Speaking of car air purifiers, there are indeed quite a few on the market, and there are various prices for various designs. But for our consumers, a popular car air purifier must have high price-performance ratio and excellent purifying performance, such as the Xiaomi 70mai car air purifier pro, a very good car air purifier we are introducing in this post. Now, let’s take a close look at it.  

Xiaomi 70mai car air purifier pro design 

In fact, when it comes to the 70mai car air purifier, this is not the first one. It was introduced earlier, and this new product not only has more features in appearance design, but also has faster and stronger purification capacity. First of all, let's look at the unique design. It is known that the inspiration of this appearance comes from Van Gogh's masterpiece Star Sky, such as the way the nebula enters the wind, plus the aluminum oxide metal ring, which makes the whole look very distinctive.

Xiaomi 70mai car air purifier pro the whole look  

It can be seen that the middle part has 360 degree ring barrel-shaped tuyere. This design is not only beautiful, but also enlarges the filter core and air contact area. It can easily deal with air pollutants, such as bicycle odor, formaldehyde, toluene, secondhand smoke, exhaust gas, bacteria, PM2.5 and so on. It effectively mentions excellent purification ability.

The filter element can also be replaced manually. Only by hiding the warehouse door, the concave and convex points of the fuselage can be opened quickly. Another point of close design is that the warehouse door will automatically shut down after opening, which can effectively prevent the grip and make the use safer. In the filter element, 98.2% formaldehyde and 99.99% bacteria can be removed. Of course, the odor, formaldehyde, toluene, secondhand smoke, exhaust gas, bacteria and PM2.5 can also be removed from the new car. But what we need to know is that the filter element is divided into two types, one is for PM2.5, the other is for formaldehyde removal, as to which filter element to choose. It depends on personal needs.

The filter element 

In addition to the full-effect filter element, the Korean E&H 11 high-efficiency filter paper is also used. The advantage of this filter paper is that it can effectively intercept the invisible particulate matter such as dust, smoke, PM2.5, pollen and so on, layer by layer protection to achieve double purification.

In the aspect of motor, high efficiency brushless DC motor is adopted. The core component of the motor is Japanese brand ball bearing. The characteristics of this motor are brushless wear, faster speed and longer life. In addition, this complex backward centrifugal fan, impeller wind shear, can increase the wind pressure, air volume, at the same time, the noise is very low, so that every time you drive out, you can enjoy a healthy and comfortable ride environment.

In the aspect of power supply, the USB power supply mode is adopted. You can insert the USB port of the cigarette port interface at will. Of course, you can also bring it into your home to use. As long as there is a USB port, you can use it for power supply. There are also four modes for air purification, including automatic, silent, standard and extreme speed. If we choose silence, the noise will be about 31.7dB (A). We can hardly detect it at work. Like the author, of course, we still choose automatic mode, so we don't need to manually adjust it. Every time we encounter poor air quality in the car, it can automatically. Why is it so convenient to purify?

the USB power supply mode  

For fixing, the four corners on the back are respectively equipped with circular self-adhesive which can be repeatedly pasted. They can be fixed at a certain position in the car according to their own preferences. If fixed, of course, they should be compared in the middle of the console, so that they can be cleaned up quickly and transported to every corner of the car, so that they can be cleaned up thoroughly and quickly.

After understanding the appearance design and characteristics of the 70mai car air purifier Pro, the next step is to measure the purification effect. Before the test, the author smoked a cigarette. What we can see is that it is very poor before purification. After purification for less than 5 minutes, it is directly excellent. This shows that its purification effect is really very fast, which is usually like smoking in the car, and friends who are worried about leaving smoke in their cars have undoubtedly solved a big problem for them.

70mai car air purifier Pro testing effect  

In view of the quality of the air in the car, 70M also provides the view of APP. From APP, we can directly see the current air quality in the car and the wear and tear of the filter element, which can facilitate our subsequent replacement. Of course, if you have a 70-metre rearview mirror in your car, you can also let the 70-metre air purifier Pro link products, as well as see the air quality in the car and so on, so that you can watch it more conveniently.

70mai car air purifier Pro  

From the above experience, we can see that the 70 MW air purifier Pro is not only very creative in appearance design, but also has a significant effect on the purification of pollutants in the vehicle. The purifying effect can be seen by the author's previous tests. If you want to have a cool appearance, and it to quickly clean the air effect, 70 MW air purifier Pro is really a very good choice.


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