Xiaomi A10 PMA Graphene Smart Therapy Belt: how effective is it?

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The recent coming Xiaomi A10 Ultra-thin PMA Graphene Smart Therapy Belt has won wide popularity among customers. Made of nanofibre graphene, the belt is designed to offer multiple therapic functions for human body. How does it work and how effective is it? Let's take a close look.

Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt

Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt: how does it work?

It's very simple. All you need to do is make sure that the Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt is charged and put it on.

A small note on charging: the belt is charged by a Xiaomi 5000mAh or Zimi 5000mAh power bank, for which there is a small storage pocket  on the therapy belt measuring 125mm x 68mm.

Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt power supply

Important: the power bank is not included in the packaging and you will need to purchase it separately.

Then, the belt will start emitting infrared heat — a type of heat that is deep penetrating and is said to have positive effects on your muscles and tissue.

Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt: how does it help?

The heat emitted by the belt can help with pain relief — so, if you've overworked your back or suffered from recurrent back pain caused by cold damp, it will increase local blood circulation and offer temporary relief.

the pain relief function of Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt

The increased blood circulation, in turn, is known to have positive effects on your immune system, general physical wellbeing and even have rejuvenating functions.

They say it is also an efficient way of dealing with stress and fatigue: as your muscles get relaxed, so does your mind — it is also a great way to relax before bed and battle insomnia.

The belt is meant for use on your back, but, in practice, you can place under any part of your body that needs "therapy".

Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt: design

The thing that interest a lot of potential buyers is how convenient it is to wear the belt — or whether it is convenient at all. The Xiaomi Therapy Belt is thin and light — and these are two very important factors if you plan to wear it daily and for long periods of time. The belt weighs just 165 grams and is only 0.4cm thick.

the thin and light design of Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt

It is also soft — so it will feel comfortable on your body, won't leave marks or cause any disturbance. With that, it's incredibly durable. Made of quality graphene, the belt will not bend or get ripped by accident.

the high quality material of Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt

Thus, you can easily wear it when lying on the couch, reading, doing house chores — or even at the office as the belt will be discreet and not seen under your clothing. More than that, the belt is washable — so don't worry if you spill a soda on it or leave it to dust next winter.

Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt is easy to wear

Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt is washable

Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt: features

The belt promises to have rejuvenating features. How? Emitting 6 - 14μm of infrared light, it promotes blood circulation, which, in turn, strengthens your body's immune system and lets you  better fight off common ailments like cold and viruses.

The therapy belt heats up quickly and evenly. It can be activated in one second and the thermal impact on your skin starts in just 5 - 10 seconds. Thanks to the unique honeycomb structure, the heat dissipates equally and causes no discomfort.

the unique honeycomb structure of unique honeycomb structure

You will have three intensity modes to choose from: high, middle and low. This offers the needed flexibility and lets you adjust the heating to a comfortable level.

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Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt: wrap up

So, there you have it. The Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Belt is a heat emitting device that is portable, safe and very easy to use. This alone (and especially when paired with the friendly $37.27 price tag) can make this fitness accessory worth buying for many.

Truth be told, it's most probably not as efficient as a good 30 minutes in the sauna or a one hour massage — but then again, what is? The therapy belt is a good and affordable alternative for when you can not spend a day at the spa and can soon become indispensable for those who often suffer from rheumatism, have a strenuous physical job or spend hours sitting in the cubicle.

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