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Xiaomi AI 720P IR night vision video doorbell review: a smart guarder to make your home safer

ByHenry Wang 2018-12-12 5844

With the development of science and technology, more and more products have gradually become smart. Among them, most of them are smart home products. The application and popularization of smart equipment has greatly facilitated and enriched people's home life. Here I am going to share with you a home security tool -- Xiaomi AI video doorbell.


Xiaomi AI Face Identification 720P IR Night Vision Video Doorbell Set - WHITE

Xiaomi AI Face Identification 720P IR Night Vision Video Doorbell Set - WHITE
$122 $59.99    


Xiaomi AI 720P IR night vision video doorbell: specs

Let's get acquainted with this Xiaomi smart doorbell via the specs.


Product name
Xiaomi AI Face Identification 720P IR Night Vision Video Doorbell Set
Product weight
0.2800 kg
Product size (L x W x H)
61mm x 23mm x 111mm
Supporting system
Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or above version
Type ( access control )
facial recognition system
Power supply
100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Main features
AI face identification; motion detection and SMS video push; infrared night vision  free cloud video storage; 720P HD resolution real-time talking; support up to 4 users connect at the same time; transmitter range is more than 50 meters 
1280 x 720P
Lens angle
105 degrees
IR light
4pcs 850nm
Working temperature
0 - 45 Deg.C
Executive standard
GB/T 31070
AA LR6 1.5V ( not included )
Package contents
1 x Xiaomi video doorbell, 1 x Xiaomi receiver, 1 x Chinese user manual

Exterior design

The three dimensions of the smart Xiaomi doorbell are 61mm x 23mm x 111mm. At the upper part of it is the camera and infrared recognition area, which looks beautiful. So people do not need to worry that it may look uncomfortable when it is stuck on the door.

 The design of the smart Xiaomi doorbell

AI face recognition technology

With an AI face recognition technology, the Xiaomi doorbell can accurately identify the people you tagged. Neighbors, family members, friends and strangers who appear in front of the door will be recognized and send notifications to your smartphone if you have marked the doorbell. In this case, you can also receive express delivery at any time safely.

AI face recognition technology 

Infrared night vision

The smart doorbell adopts a built-in IR-CUT double filter automatic switching function. So it can automatically switch daytime and night vision modes according to the brightness and darkness of the surrounding light. However, in most elevator houses, the corridor light is not very good, so it is recommended to turn on the infrared night vision function. If this function is turned on, four infrared lights will be turned on automatically when someone is standing in front of the door.

Motion detection

Equipped with a built-in PIR human body sensor, it has the function of capturing video clips of any objects in its field of vision. If the motion is detected within 3 meters outside the door, the notification will be sent to the user's smartphone. This function can be turned on or off to avoid disturbance.

Motion detection

Voice-changing intercom

The smart doorbell also comes with a feature known as "SafeSound" which when turned on, can change the child's voice to that of an adult when he or she is responding to the doorbell.

Remote video conversation

If someone rings the doorbell at the door, your APP will be notified in time, and even if you're not at home, you can talk to outside visitors remotely.

Voice response function

You can click on the corresponding fast voice when you are talking, and send it to the doorbell to play. It also supports recording its own voice as a response.

Secure cloud storage

The Xiaomi doorbell is stored in a free video cloud. Users can view videos stored in the cloud anytime and anywhere on their mobile phones, without worrying about the loss of memory cards and someone can get video records in front of your house.

cloud storage

Loud & long distance volume doorbell receiver

The smart Xiaomi doorbell can be connected with four receivers simultaneously. And the transmission distance can be more than 50 meters in the open area.   

long distance volume doorbell receiver 

Low energy consumption

The doorbell is efficient and runs on 4pcs AA batteries for up to six months. This is possible because the device goes into sleep mode when not in use and wakes up once the bell is triggered. When the doorbell is triggered, the doorbell quickly starts shooting and completes video upload, and quickly enters low-power mode.

4pcs AA batteries 

Not easy to be taken away by others

After installation, it will be very convenient for us to check the situation outside the door, and some netizens also worry that if it is put outside the door, it may be taken away by others. However, as the doorbell will sound an alarm when the equipment is dismantled, there is no need to worry about the doorbell being stolen by using the 3M strong glue that Xiaomi provides outside the door.

In fact, the smart doorbell combines the functions of "doorbell" and "security monitoring" into one. Namely, it not only realizes all functions of an ordinary doorbell, but also plays a role of "security monitoring". For me, the function of remote monitoring and voice-changing is really a welcome and stunning design, as it makes home security more convenient and safer. I really recommend this Xiaomi smart doorbell to you, and it can be yours at just $59.99 on GearBest with a big 51% discount.      


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