Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR: What are the differences between them?

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On our daily commutes or business trips, we want to listen to music, watch TV and play games without a good pair of headphones. Good headphones, can let us instantly immersed in their own world, a solution to the road of boredom and boredom. However, headphones as a daily demand, is not a luxury, for most people, AirPods, BOSE thousands of yuan is still a burden, today, I would like to introduce you to two affordable real wireless Bluetooth headphones-JEET AIR and Xiaomi AirDots Pro, to see which one more to your heart? 

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR: Appearance

On the shape of, JEET AIR true wireless Bluetooth headset is relatively low-key, JEET AIR Bluetooth headset is very light, only 5.5g alone. The fuselage adopts a minimalist integrated design style, with only one hidden button. All black as one, simple contains the wind of the atmosphere. 

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR

At the same time, the, JEET AIR true wireless Bluetooth headset adopts ergonomic design, follows the mainstream inclined design, is convenient to enter the ear, and can better fit with the ear canal.Moreover, the ear brace structure is unique, the design of three-point human ear support, with human ear angle locking technology, even in high-intensity movement, jump, can also ensure that the headphones are stable and can not be thrown off. 

The appearance of Xiaomi AirDots Pro true wireless Bluetooth headphones is similar to the long rod shape of AirPods, with white and black colors, but no black version has been seen on the market. Xiaomi AirDots Pro true wireless Bluetooth headset charging box as a whole is more round, the lid is more square. The front of the charging box has a power indicator, the surface is treated with micro-frosting, and the handle is very warm and moist. From the headphone appearance to the charging box, the overall is very similar to the AirPods Pro, but in the top of the cavity metal using CD texture design, white and silver, all show a simple atmosphere. 

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR: Operation

The JEET AIR Bluetooth headset uses a physical button, and the only physical button is located on the front of the headset, occupying almost the entire area of the front. The hidden design reduces the sudden feeling and makes the operation more convenient. The only physical button is a multi-function button, which has the functions of switching on and off, calling Siri, cutting songs, playing pause, receiving phone calls, and so on. There is a little difference between the left and right ears in terms of key functions, that is, switching songs, double-clicking the button in the left ear to switch the previous song. Double-click the right ear button to switch the next one, easy to operate. 

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR

In terms of operation, Xiaomi AirDots Pro Bluetooth headset uses touch design, phone calls and music playback can be controlled by touch. Touching the left ear when wearing both ears can awaken Xiao Ai's voice assistant in Xiaomi's mobile phone without using the phone frequently. Of course, other brands of mobile assistants such as siri can also be awakened. The built-in infrared optical sensor can also automatically sense the wearing status, take off any headphone music will automatically pause. 

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR: Specs

JEET focuses on audio and video technology processing, decoding, transmission for 15 years, as a domestic enterprise with a relatively senior technical background in this field. At present, it has developed 5 core cool techs projects, 23 technological innovations, 12 continuous technological upgrades over the years, and has strong R & D experience and technical strength. This JEET AIR true wireless Bluetooth headset is combined with the joint efforts of 13 Bluetooth, RF and wireless technology engineers to delay the launch of more than a year, but also to continue to deal with the results of Bluetooth stability. Due to the use of Bluetooth 5.0, LDS laser engraving antenna and other technologies, and equipped with Ruiyu RTL8763 chip, Bluetooth stability is much better than similar products, delay can almost be ignored, playing games, eating chicken are not a problem. 

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro earbuds, 4.2 Bluetooth protocol has given it a congenital disadvantage, Bluetooth stability compared with the latest 5.0 technology, there is a natural gap. Because, Bluetooth 5.0 compared with Bluetooth 4.2, the transmission efficiency is improved by 2 times, the transmission distance is increased by 4 times, the broadcast mode information capacity is increased by 8 times, and the power consumption is lower, more power saving. On the other hand, the biggest bright spot of Xiaomi AirDots Pro headphones should be the ANC noise reduction function. Two high sensitivity microphones are built into both left and right ears, which can effectively suppress environmental noise under the application of beamforming + ENC noise reduction technology. Wear the length of 3 seconds can be on / off noise reduction function, for us to bring high fidelity call quality. 

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR: Sound quality

In order to create light and extravagant sound quality, JEET spent a lot of money to set up a high standard acoustic laboratory and mixing room. Through the cooperation of dozens of professional tuners at home and abroad, JEET carefully polished the sound quality for more than 800 days. To have now comparable to the thousand yuan level of the strong sound effect! At the same time, JEET AIR has a unique front and rear sound cavity design, using nano-titanium crystal diaphragm to improve sound quality performance, so that the diaphragm and the cavity in high coordination in space. Bass and voice part of the reducibility and fidelity are very high, the details incisively and vividly, the sound effect is comparable to 1000 yuan big brand. 

In the actual measurement, we can obviously feel that the voice is slightly forward, the sense of presence is relatively good, the sense of purity is general, but there is a sense of roundness. The human voice is warm, the details are relatively rich in place, the sound of drooling and changing air can be heard more obviously, especially the high-pitched part can bring a kind of bright and pleasant feeling, such as Meav's "One I love". 

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR


The Xiaomi AirDots Pro headphones use 7mm ND-Fe-B strong magnetic + titanium-coated diaphragm horn unit, support AAC advanced audio coding technology, the overall sound color is pure, three-frequency balance. However, the resolution is a little general, relatively insipid, the level of musical instruments is not clear, is the common problem of most true wireless Bluetooth headphones. 

However, when used to make videos and make phone calls, the effect of hearing is very clear, which is no different from talking on the side of a mobile phone, which is still very good.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR

Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR: Battery life

The JEET AIR true wireless Bluetooth headset, which has a battery capacity of 50 mAh and also uses a contact charge, is designed with three gold-plated contacts to be recharged with the battery compartment, which is officially fully charged for five hours at a time.Through the charging box, you can fill it 3.5 times, with a total battery life of 17 hours, which is pretty good. If you commute for three hours a day, a charge can take a week. 

Xiaomi AirDots Pro Bluetooth headset charging box using USB Type-C interface design, and headphone body support fast charging, charging 10 minutes can take 70 minutes, 1 hour can be filled. The charge box is 410 mAh, the single machine lasts for 3 hours, and the battery box can provide a continuous service time of 10 hours. For most true wireless Bluetooth headphones, this life is really not long.


Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs JEET AIR

Xiaomi Airdots Pro is stylish, compact, light and comfortable to wear. The charging box is designed for TypeC port, supports fast charging, and can switch with the center regardless of the main and secondary headphones. It supports automatic reconnection, active noise reduction, and touch operation. Xiaomi production, cost-effective naturally do not need to say much. 

Although the JEET AIR looks average, however, Bluetooth performance is very strong, separated by two rooms can still be played online. Moreover, the sound quality is also quite good, in this price can be said to be very good. The most important thing is that the selling price is only 399 yuan, which is a real wireless Bluetooth headset worth buying recently. 

In fact, the cost of many high-end headphones on the market is not high, most of them are produced in the Pearl River Delta, and the brand premium is extremely high, while JEET dares to challenge international high-end brands with the ratio of performance to price and insists on giving users a light and extravagant experience at affordable prices. It's a very conscientious brand!

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