Xiaomi AirDots Pro wireless headphones: is it worth buying?

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With the release of the Apple Airpods wireless headphones, all the major techno giants as one began to release their vision headsets of this format. Only Xiaomi was silent. Having stood a pause about 2 years, from conveyors of the Chinese company on sale arrive first budgetary headphones AirDots TWS. For many, they were not the best alternative to the "Apple" headset. Then go more professional headphones AirDots Pro, a review of which, technical specifications and comparison with the top models you can read in this article

Xiaomi AirDots Pro

The popularity of wireless headphones is due primarily to the comfort of use. Good sound is now available wirelessly. High autonomy became available due to built-in batteries and an additional power supply in the form of a case. And, of course, fashion, Apple instilled it to consumers!

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones (in the network they are often called AirDots Pro or Air Pro) completely absorbed the concept of Airpods. They have good autonomy, similar in format charging case, touch control, sensors presence in the ears and a good sound. However, the model has a number of differences, which for many will become key in the purchase, but about it a little later in our review.


● Bluetooth 4.2

● Simultaneous support of connection of 2 devices (one active, second on pause)

● AAC codec support

● Active noise Reduction ANC-works with and without music enabled

● Infrared optical sensor to detect earphone in ear sink and start/stop music

● Weight of each earphone 5.8 grams, total weight with case 58 grams

● Case Size 50x40x30 mm

● Capacity of the Charger case 410 mAh (10 minutes of charging-40%, 30 minutes of charging-90%, 40 minutes of charging-100%,)

● Autonomy: Up to 3 hours of music on a single charge of headphones, up to 10 hours of headphone autonomy with briefcase

● Color: white, black


The first time you need to open the case and in the menu smartphone (Bluetooth settings) to select from the list Mi True Wireless Earphones, will be synchronized. Next, when you open the case with headphones, they automatically cling to the paired with them smartphone, no additional action on the connection to produce is not necessary.


Mi True Wireless Earphones includes headphones, charging case, instruction in several languages, including English, USB Type-C charging cable, additional ear cushions set of different sizes (3 pairs).


The charging case and the headphones themselves are made of white plastic. In the lineup there is a black version of the headset, as it turned out, this color is very popular among users. The form factor is very similar to Apple Airpods, except for landing in the ear sink. Xiaomi AirDots Pro is an intra-channel headset.

The back side of the headphone has a slightly ribbed surface, a touch-sensitive control panel. Near the channel silicone nozzle is an infrared optical sensor, which determines the presence of the headset in the ear (when removing one or two headphones at once, the music is paused). On the side of each headphone are microphones for active noise reduction. The spoken microphones are located at the bottom, near the contact pair for charging

Touch control

Tappa on the Touchpad AirDots Pro allows you to manage music, calls and call voice assistant on your smartphone.

● A double tapp on one of the headphones during a call takes a call, during a call-resets the call.

● Double Tapp on the left earpiece-call the voice assistant, on the right-stop or continue playing music in the player.

● If one earpiece is inserted, the double-tap controls only the music playback.

When both headphones are in the ears, the 3-second hold on the touchpad activates the active noise reduction mode (automatically shuts down when the incoming call or when removing one of the headphones). Control of volume and flipping of tracks (as it is realized in Airpods) by means of touch panel at Xiaomi AirDots Pro is not supported

Comparison with Airpods

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones looks similar to the headset from Apple, but still in size they are slightly larger. In addition, the headphones from the Chinese differ in the format of landing in the ears-they are channel, respectively sounding a little different, more low frequencies.

AirDots Pro headphones have an active noise canceling. The function really works and the difference is palpable. For those who like to immerse themselves in music, this chip will definitely be liked. Airpods does not have this chip, but there is a more convenient touch control and there is a volume adjustment and scrolling tracks using touch

Comparison with FreeBuds

Many will compare headphones from Xiaomi with Huawei FreeBuds, because they are direct competitors, because they are very similar in form-factor-both models intrinkany. I can say at once that AirDots Pro surpasses its competitor both in price and sound quality. The main problem of the headset from Huawei-not a successful design (many are poorly seated in the ear sink) and not stable connection (often found a break pair). Dotsov has not found such problems.


Obviously, this model is doomed to success and will be sold all over the world in large batches. Most likely, this model will soon receive a global version and go to the markets of other countries officially. AirDots Pro has a few serious trumps-they are inexpensive, qualitatively made, autonomy is not worse than competitors, there is an active noise reduction, which really works, as well as the volume of the good (from 50% to 80%, above is not comfortable).

Is it worth buying?

In their price category at the moment they are the best and definitely worth the money. The maximum price they can be valued is 7 000 rubles, no longer worth it. This model can be safely recommended for purchase, you will definitely be satisfied with the headset! If something is not comfortable-check the reviews for other wireless headphones

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