Xiaomi AirDots test: an enticing alternative to AirPods at a budget price

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Xiaomi launched its "true wireless" AirDots headphones, a new competitor to Apple's famous AirPods. The famous Chinese brand is inspired by its American rival on many points, with the exception of the price, as in its habits. Are they really up to the task? We sifting through their design, functionalities, audio quality and autonomy in our test.

Xiaomi offers a complete range of consumer electronics, ranging from Smartphone to robot vacuums to video projectors and other electric scooters. As we had seen during our visit to the first open shop in Paris in 2018, the manufacturer also offers a wide range of earphones and headphones.

The AirDots are the "true wireless" headphones of the Chinese brand. It is obvious that they are registering as direct competitors to Apple AirPods. At the official launch of the Xiaomi AirDots, the manufacturer has once again stood out from its American competitor by offering a product at a discounted price, just 25 euros. But what are they really worth?

In the box

In the box, we find the in-ear wireless headphones provided in a storage box that serves as a charging station, but also a micro USB charging cable, two pairs of additional silicone tips and a user manual.



At first glance, Xiaomi is titillated Apple with a name and a similar design for its wireless headphones. The Chinese manufacturer's AirDots are in fact also white and have a very sober design. But if you look at it more closely, you quickly notice the differences. The shape is different since the ones in Xiaomi are smaller and more rounded and they are in-ear wireless headphones. They are very light and compact. Their weight is 4.2 grams and the size of the case is 2.30 x 1.45 x 1.30 cm.


The charging station also offers a rounded and white plastic design. Inside, we find the two locations to put the headphones to rest to allow them to recharge. Two pines are visible on each of them. A magnet makes it possible to adhere the earphones so that they are perfectly motionless during charging.

Audio quality and features

The Xiaomi AirDots incorporate 7, 2mm loudspeakers that quickly show their limits. Indeed, the latter are pulling towards the treble and the bass are not returned satisfactorily. The music lovers will clearly pass their way. Xiaomi must have made great concessions to be able to offer its headphones at a price as content.

However, the catastrophe is still avoided. The result is average but not mediocre. However, we would like to emphasize that during the appeals, the result is much more pleasing. The audio lacks substance and depth, but Xiaomi does not have to blush as much. These headphones have no shortage of assets, especially at this price. The quality is satisfactory for a large number of less demanding users.

The first time, after reloading the headphones into the station, white LEDs flash quickly after taking them in hand. As with many other Bluetooth devices, just connect your Smartphone without any other complications. It's simple like Hello. In addition, each headset can be used independently.

Feature side, big regret regarding the inability to adjust the volume directly on the headphones. The touch surface on the headphones still allows you to answer a call or to zap the tracks in its playlist. When the camera is launched on the Smartphone, it is also possible to use the touch to take pictures. Handy when you want to make a group photo, the Smartphone placed on a tripod for example. Google Assistant can also be piloted from the headphones.


The AirDots incorporate a 40 mAh battery, a charging station is integrated into the storage box, allowing several refills of the earphones before having to connect the enclosure to the mains. To listen to music or a series discreetly, the AirDots will easily hold 4 hours. A red LED is animated when the AirDots are in charge.


That is to say that each earphone is independent, which allows to double the autonomy according to the needs if necessary. The Bluetooth 5.0 makes it possible to maximize the longevity of AirDots. For the 300 mAh charging station, it is very compact and its autonomy is 12 hours before it has to be plugged in.

Price and date of release

The Xiaomi AirDots are not yet marketed in France. We will have to go through the import to get them or wait a little longer, the firm should soon make them available on the European market. Currently it takes about fifty euros on the Gearbest online sales site to acquire these wireless headphones. When they were released two months ago, they were advertised at a price of 25 euros. In any event, it remains a very good value for money when we remember that Apple sells its AirPods at a price of 179 euros.


Offered at an unbeatable price, Xiaomi strikes again very hard with a product that works on Apple's AirPods ' platestrips. The Chinese manufacturer offers us a product with undeniable strengths. Indeed, the sensation of freedom is total. However, the audio quality is frankly not the appointment. We do not recommend AirDots to anyone who is looking for a high-flying sound experience.


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