Xiaomi AirDots Youth edition review & unboxing

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Regardless of the price, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition brings us a lot of unexpected joy, such as two-color injection molding with transparent frosting appearance, three-frequency balanced full sound quality, are more than we expected. 

Most importantly, it can also easily summon Xiao Ai, can help you deal with some simple daily operations. 

In 199yuan this price, can get rid of the appearance of less public scale, and sound quality can also have so interesting, it can be said that Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition is still very rare. 

Packaging display. 

Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition of the package as a whole is a white carton, the front is the rendering of the headset, below is the product name-Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition. 

Xiaomi AirDots Youth edition

On the back of the box is part of the parameter information for the headset. 

Xiaomi AirDots Youth edition

Product model: TWSEJ02LM. 
Maximum playback time: 4 hours. 
Charging time: about 2.5 hours. 
Headphone charging time: about 1.5 hours. 
Communication distance: 10 meters. 
Single headset battery capacity: 40mAh. 
Battery capacity of charging box: 300mAh. 

Xiaomi AirDots Youth edition

The side of the package is the four selling points of the product, which are: charging box, intelligent touch, Bluetooth 5.0, split true wireless design. 

Xiaomi AirDots Youth edition

On the other side are the same four selling points for headphones, which are not covered here. 

Xiaomi AirDots Youth edition

Packaging content: Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition, charging box, charging wire, ear cap, instruction manual. 

Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition of the overall use of polycarbonate material, and our common Bluetooth headset is different, Xiaomi made the top cover into a translucent material. 

Xiaomi AirDots Youth edition

In the middle of the top cover, there is a translucent frosted material of the MI word logo, looks a little looming, gives the feeling a little low-key, but different from other film printing, this kind of logo is still more individual. 

When it is turned on, the two headphones are placed flat inside. 

Close-up on the back of the charging box when it is opened. 

Charging box side, you can see that the upper and lower parts are different materials, although they are white, but frosted translucent and ordinary polycarbonate formation echo, will not make people feel split, but highlight the overall appearance of the hierarchy. 

On the back of the charging box is a Micro-USB charging interface. 

The parameter information of the product is printed at the bottom of the charging box. You can see that the input power of the TWSEJ02LM, headset is 5V / 100mA, the input power of the charging box is 5V / 300mA, and the output power of the charging box is 5V/150mA. 

The headset is connected to the charging box through two metal contacts to charge. When you put the headphones in the charging box to charge, the two headphones will have a red LED light prompt. Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition uses in-ear design, even earplugs are white, further enhancing the integrity of the whole pair of headphones. 

The headset housing is also made of frosted translucent material with a LED indicator in the middle. 

Xiaomi AirDots Youth edition

The dollar coin is referenced with the size of headphones and charging boxes. 

Headphones are also a combination of two materials, translucent and two-color injection molding to make the headphones look neither too monotonous nor disobedient. In short, the combination of these two materials not only ensures the overall white main tone, but also makes the overall design more simple and generous. 

Listening to the song is very sensitive, but also can call Xiao Ai. 
In the sound quality part, we choose Xiaomi 8 as the sound source output. In the hardware part, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition supports Bluetooth 5.0, adopts 7.2mm strong magnetic coil horn, and makes acoustic optimization on the internal structure of the headset. With Snapdragon 845 chip, it can also support Qualcomm aptX HD audio decoding smoothly, and has certain advantages in connection stability and anti-interference. 

Xiaomi AirDots Youth edition

In addition, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition also supports binaural stereo calls, intelligent noise reduction. In fact, the Bluetooth headset, which costs 199 yuan, performed somewhat unexpectedly in terms of sound quality. 

First of all, in the tuning style, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition is not as prominent as the common headphones, but more inclined to three-frequency balance, at the same time in the range, sound field and other aspects are relatively good. 

Here suggest that friends have the opportunity to go to the Xiaomi store to personally wear experience, medium and low frequency performance is good, high frequency also has a certain extensibility. 

In other parts of the experience, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition can be touched twice to call out Xiao Ai. At present, there are more and more headphones that support calling voice assistants, but the most humanized way of exhaling who is easy to use is the focus of our concern. 

At present, the real wireless Bluetooth headphones on the market are mainly divided into press physical entity button and touch button. As a kind of product stuffed in the ear, it is very important to reduce the pressure on the ear, so the touch button rather than the physical button is preferred here. 

Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition can complete the operation of making phone calls, sending WeChat, checking road conditions and so on through Xiao Ai. Sometimes when it is not convenient to take out the mobile phone on the road, this kind of operation is relatively time-saving and labor-saving. But only if you speak clearly and try to make your headphones recognize what you're saying correctly. 

It can be said that in the price of 199, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition is currently one of the most cost-effective intelligent true wireless Bluetooth headphones, the price is only 20% of the AirPods, but can get nearly 90% of the experience. 

For Xiaomi mobile phone users, if you are looking for a true wireless headset, maybe Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition is the right choice. 

In terms of wearing feeling, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition can be directly stuffed into the ear, mainly depends on the center of gravity of the headset in the fixed. 

When you meet some small partners with smaller ears, the center of gravity of the headphones may be more external, and there may be instability in wearing them. If the next generation can add another ear brace, I believe it will be more stable to wear.


First of all, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset AirDots Youth edition in the design can still give you some different feelings, two-color injection molding process with translucent frosted shell, to ensure the overall white transparency at the same time, It also seems to be relatively low-key, calm and introverted, and the ordinary bright plastic material is still very different. 

In addition, in terms of sound quality, as a true wireless Bluetooth headset priced at 199, although we can't ask for too much in terms of sound quality, if we feel it carefully, its performance is still somewhat higher than we expected, and the sound as a whole is not so stuffy.It's relatively clear and bright. 

The good: 
1. Fashionable appearance and novel translucent material. 
2. The sound is clear and bright, medium and low frequency is full. 
3. Support voice assistant. 

The bad: 
1. Headphones lack ear braces, some users may be unstable to wear. 
2. When pairing for the first time, you need to take it out and wait a minute. If you do not enter the binaural mode to connect directly, it is more tedious to pair again.

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