Xiaomi AirDots youth edition unboxing & teardown

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Xiaomi Technology to catch up with the TWS true wireless headset craze, launched its first TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset AirDots youth version, this is also the first time Xiaomi will Xiao Ai into the TWS Bluetooth headset. What is the workmanship and material of Xiaomi airdots youth version? We'll disassemble the machine for everyone right away. 

I. Xiaomi AirDots youth edition unboxing

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition of the packaging is Xiaomi has always been concise, pure white background color only the effect of the product, the name of the product below. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

On the back of the Xiaomi AirDots youth edition are some product details: 
●Xiaomi AirDots youth edition product model: TWSEJ02LM; 
● The longest continuous playback time is about 4 hours; 
● Battery type: lithium ion polymer battery; 
● Charging time of charging box: about 2.5 hours; 
● Headphone charging time: about 1.5 hours; 
● Headphone standby time: about 150 hours, charging box standby time: about 6 months; 
● Communication distance: 10 meters, wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.0; 
● Bluetooth Protocol: HFP/A2DP/HSP/AVRCP; 
● The battery capacity of single headset is 40mAh; 
● The battery capacity of charging box is 300mAh; 
● The input parameters of headphones are 5V 100mA; 
● The input parameters of charging box are 5V 300mA; 
● The output parameter of the charging box is 5V 150mA. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

The package contains: headphone charging box, headphone body, two pairs of silicone sleeve, Micro USB charging wire and product instructions. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Charge test using ChargerLAB POWER-Z FL001S, charging current 258mA. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Headphone charging box front, the top layer is translucent PC plastic, appears round and smooth. The bottom is grinding texture, above the product name Xiaomi AirDots youth edition, model TWSEJ02LM, headset input parameters: 5V 100mA, charging box input parameters: 5V 300mA, charging box output parameters: 5V 150mA. On the back of the headphone charging box, there is a Micro USB charging port. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Open the headphone charging box and see the same round headphones.

II. Disassembly of Xiaomi AirDots Youth edition

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Close-up of the front of the motherboard, the end of the Unictron wing industry technology AA029 Bluetooth antenna, the chip is affixed with a touch button. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

The LED status indicator on the headphone motherboard, shaded with black glue nearby. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Close-up on the back of the headphone motherboard. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

The MEMS patch on the headphone motherboard, the silicon microphone, calls the microphone. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Screen printing P458B IC. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

The left and right headphones have the same battery model, 541112, capacity 60mAh. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

A close-up of the charging contact board located on the inside of the headset, with two magnets to assist positioning. 

According to disassembly, Xiaomi AirDots youth edition uses Realtek Ruiyu RTL8763BFR low power Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode chip. This is Ruiyu's first TWS Bluetooth headset chip to support AI wakeup. Realtek Ruiyu RTL8763BFR supports Bluetooth 5.0 specification, HFP 1.7, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6, SPP 1.2 and PBAP 1.0. Google Pixel 2 USB-C headset adapter, Moshi Moz USB-C audio adapter, QCY T1 youth version, many products use Ruiyu audio chip. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Jingzhen close-up. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Battery in the charging box, model PATL 501340 capacity 300mAh. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Close-up on the back of the battery, there is a protective circuit on the battery. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Close-up on the back of the motherboard of the headphone charging box. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Behind the headphone space, each side is equipped with two magnets to assist positioning. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Close-up on the front of the motherboard of the headphone charging box. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

HR16P676N single chip microcomputer. 

M2AID transistor IC. 

Screen printing SG7 St. Bonwe SGM4056 linear charging IC. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

G4311 synchronous boost IC. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Ferrite inductor. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Close-up of Micro USB socket. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

There are two LED status indicators at one end of the motherboard and use a shading cotton to prevent light leakage. 

Xiaomi AirDots youth edition

Disassemble the family photo. 

III. Summary of Xiaomi Airdots disassembly

1. Xiaomi Airdots uses touch-free key operation in a very small volume, which is easy to use and can be completed by touch. 

2, 199 price, still maintain rigorous workmanship, independent Bluetooth antenna to ensure signal strength, the interior of the shell is fixed by hot melt, durable, batteries are equipped with protection board, add a safety line of defense. 

3. Adopt RealTek RTL8763BFR low-power Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode chip to ensure the quality of use and connection, and support Xiao Ai intelligent voice system.

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