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Xiaomi Black Shark review - an invincible gaming phone in 2018

ByCheryl Evans 2018-08-13 13794

Black Shark is the best gaming phone so far, in which Xiaomi has invested money and technology. The company also cooperates with JD.com to gain more market share. Thus, Black Shark has attracted extensive attention from the second it appears on the market.


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Based on AnTuTu Benchmark, Black Shark achieves a total score of 287,759, ranking the 1st, higher than Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi Mix 2S, Samsung Galaxy S9+, iPhone X, and iPhone 8. Is the gaming phone more worth buying than other top performers? Why has Xiaomi invested in a gaming phone that beats its flagship smartphones in 2018 hands down? Let's find out more about Black Shark.

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Black Shark SKR - H0 4G Phablet Global Version - BLACK

Black Shark SKR - H0 4G Phablet Global Version - BLACK
$595.60 $524.13    


Xiaomi Black Shark video display

First, let's get acquainted with the Black Shark via a review video from GearBest.



Xiaomi Black Shark specs

Now, let's have a quick look at the Black Shark specs.


Product name
Black Shark SKR - H0 4G Phablet
5.99 inch 2160 x 1080 pixels
Android 8.1
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Octa Core 2.8GHz
External Memory
Not Supported
20.0MP + 12.0MP rear camera and 20.0MP front camera
Camera Functions
Face Beauty,Face Detection,Panorama Shot
Battery Capacity
4000mAh Built-in
Bluetooth Version
SIM Card Slot
dual Nano SIM card,dual standby
Additional Features

GSM: B2 / B3 / B5 /B8,CDMA: BC0

WCDMA: B1 / B2 / B5 / B8,TD-SCDMA: B34 / 39

FDD-LTE: B1 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 8 / 20,TDD-LTE: B34 / 38 / 39 / 40 / 41


Xiaomi Black Shark CPU: No frame drop! Faster and more fluent

The Black Shark gaming phone uses Snapdragon 845 Octa Core CPU the best processor, with 4 x Kryo 385 Gold @2.8GHz core, 4 x Kryo 385 Silver @1.77GHz core, and Adreno 630 GPU. Its performance is significantly improved, 25 - 30% higher than Snapdragon 835. Although Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi Mix 2S and Samsung Galaxy S9+ also uses the most powerful processor, their performances are not as satisfying. Evidently, Black Shark has an excellent multilayer cooling kit to reach the full potential of the CPU.

 Xiaomi Black Shark CPU

After playing the game Arena of Valor for 2 hours, the temperature of Black Shark averages 8°C lower than its competitors. This is because Black Shark boasts 20 times more efficient heat dissipation. As a result, the CPU is able to run at full speed all the time without sacrificing its performance to lower the temperature.

 the temperature of Black Shark averages 8°C lower than its competitors.

In comparison with Razer Phone2, the predominant gaming phone released in 2017, Black Shark loads web pages, video games faster, and presents brighter images to you.



Xiaomi Black Shark design and display

Black Shark has a 5.99 inch 18:9 display 2160 x 1080P resolution ), round edges, specially designed X-shaped antenna at the reverse side, and a S-shaped breathing LED light. More specifically, the antenna maximizes the signal strength of wireless network, however Black Shark is held in your hand and wherever you are indoors; and the breathing light produces different effects when there are calls /notifications, the phone is turned on or loading games.

 Xiaomi Black Shark design and display

Special Black Shark space: 75% dedicated to gaming

Xiaomi Black Shark is not just cool-looking, but also designed in accordance with the preference of gaming players. Turn on the switch at the left side to enter Shark Space, turning the phone into a game console, while only connected to the mobile network or WiFi to avoid any interference, such as calls, messages, notifications, etc. Based on MIUI, its operating system gives you access to a wide range of Xiaomi services, whereas, it also features the newly developed Shark Dock to turn off all Apps, clean RAM, reject phone calls, etc., so you will be able to be more focused on games. 

Special Black Shark space

What's more, the screen adapts the brightness to the environment well. Thus, the light is soft to protect your eyes and prevent eyestrain in low light. Feel at ease playing games for several hours in a row!

How long can you play CPU and GPU intensive games on Black Shark?

About 4 - 5 hours long when the resolution, fps, image quality are set at the highest. Indeed, the 4000mAh high-capacity battery is a huge advantage. Moreover, with QC3.0 quick charge technology, it only takes an hour for Black Shark to be 80% charged.

 you can play CPU and GPU intensive games on Black Shark for about 4-5 hours long

Xiaomi Black Shark camera

The excitement never stops somewhere with importance equally attached to the photography. Black Shark features 12MP +20MP back camera, PDAF, HDR, Portrait Mode and Panorama, houses a 20MP front camera for Beauty Mode and 4K 30fps videos. Snap perfectly when you are not immersed in games.

Xiaomi Black Shark camera

Xiaomi Black Shark Global version vs. Chinese and English version

Currently, the global version is only available on Gearbest, which supports LTE B20 frequency for users in Europe. Besides Chinese and English, the operating system of the global version also supports more languages, including German, French, Portuguese, Turkish, and Arabian.

However, as for more players, the former comes with a Bluetooth gamepad, an amazing helper for succeeding in shooting games. The gamepad adds a joystick and two buttons to your phone, effectively improving the accuracy of directional control and reducing the time to aim and shoot. More specifically, it responds to your touch in no time, 5ms faster than iPhone X, 20ms than Samsung Galaxy S9+, so there is no doubt its operation is smoother. Therefore, with the Bluetooth gamepad, playing shooting games on touchscreen will be much easier.

  Xiaomi Black Shark Global version comes with a Bluetooth gamepad

Xiaomi Black Shark: disadvantages

Nothing is perfect. There are two shortcomings of Black Shark, if any. The first is that the smartphone does not have proximity sensor, so it does not support NFC. The second is the lack of 3.5mm audio socket, whereas, you can use the speaker or Bluetooth headphones.

Xiaomi Black Shark: price

The Black Shark global version with 6GB RAM and 64GB RAM is now available on GearBest at $522, while the 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM version comes at a rather steep $590.

To sum up

All things considered, there is no doubt that Xiaomi Black Shark is the best choice for gaming. It is extraordinary because of the highest processing speed, more vivid colors, cooler appearance, better connectivity, customized UI, 4000mAh high-capacity battery. Moreover, with the 20MP camera at both the front and rear, it is very close to the utmost perfection. Arm yourself with the best by using Black Shark, and romp to victory!



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