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Xiaomi Bluetooth headset Palace Museum special edition will launch on January 23

ByNiki Jones 2019-01-19 2930

Yesterday, Xiaomi officially announced that the Xiaomi Bluetooth headset Palace Museum special edition will be released on January 23 (next Wednesday) at 2pm.

Xiaomi Bluetooth headset K songs edition design 

According to official introduction, the design inspiration of the Xiaomi Bluetooth karaoke headset comes from  an ancient  hand-cranked phone specially installed by the last emperor Pu Yi. Sound is as transmissible as thought. Xiaomi connects the modern and young earphones with the ancient telephone, making the "new" and "old" sounds  collide in the Forbidden City, and designs this headset that can sing songs.

this headset can sing songs 

The appearance of Xiaomi Bluetooth karaoke headset Palace Museum special edition incorporates the elements, such as Benevolent haetae, Court moire, etc. The headset and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Palace Museum edition brings out the best in each other.

the headset and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Palace Museum edition 

Not only that, Xiaomi Bluetooth karaoke headset Palace Museum special edition has the functions, such as: a one-button to reverberation, a one-button to eliminate the sound of the original song, a one-button to change voice, which provides five variable voices for  the umlaut function.

What's more, the Xiaomi Bluetooth karaoke headset Palace Museum special edition comes with HD recording function, and each operation is accompanied by a sound effect reminder, and can call the phone voice assistant, sing songs, make a phone call and listen to music to easily switch by one button.


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