Xiaomi Cleanfly wireless handheld vacuum cleaner review: a perfect gadget to clean the blind spots for your home and car

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Remove dust and dirt from the most difficult to reach spots in your home, car, and furniture with the FVQ wireless handheld vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi Youpin. This compact vacuum reaches the tightest spots, not leaving a single piece of dirt behind.


Cleanfly - FVQ Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi Youpin - BLACK

Cleanfly - FVQ Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi Youpin - BLACK


For keeping my apartment clean, I have a state-of-the-art robotic vacuum cleaner that automatically sweeps the floors. The problem is, however, that no matter how smart this device is, it does not clean my sofa, chairs, and any other tight corners of my home. Added to that, it also can not be used for cleaning at other places such as in the car. Even regular vacuum cleaners have difficulties being effective in such situations. This is why I have been searching for a compact secondary backup vacuum that does allow me to clean all these spots that are impossible to reach for my regular robotic vacuum.

In my search for a small handheld vacuum, I came across the Xiaomi Youpin Cleanfly - FVQ wireless handheld vacuum cleaner. This compact wireless vacuum directly grabbed my attention thanks to its unique and modern design. After looking deeper into the details and giving the product a try for myself, I have to admit that I’m impressed by its overall usability and performance. Keep on reading to find out what things I love most about this stylish handheld vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi Youpin Cleanfly - FVQ wireless handheld vacuum cleaner 

Compact futuristic design

As mentioned above, the first thing that grabbed my attention about the Cleanfly wireless handheld vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi Youpin was its design. Unlike regular vacuum cleaners that look boring and ugly, this device truly features a smooth and modern design. Its sleek black body with LED light indicators and one-button design truly give this vacuum a futuristic finish. Sure, a vacuum cleaner is not a gadget you proudly show off to your friends and family. But still, it’s nice to hold a stylish and modern looking device while cleaning your apartment.

the design of FVQ wireless handheld vacuum cleaner 

Besides its appearance, I also was pleasantly impressed by its compact body and lightweight design. The Cleanfly - FVQ wireless handheld vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi Youpin weights merely 560g. This makes it easy to operate and control with just a single hand. It’s quite impressive when you think about it that such a small and lightweight gadget is capable of packing all this cleaning power.

Clean the most difficult to reach spaces

My main purpose of giving the Xiaomi Youpin FVQ wireless handheld vacuum cleaner a try was the fact that it is capable of cleaning those spots that are out of reach to my regular vacuum cleaner. With its lightweight, compact, and wireless design, this handheld vacuum truly is capable of reaching any spot in your apartment. Personally, I use it to clean behind furniture, between the pillows of my sofa, to remove dirt from my keyboard, and even to clean my car. With this handheld vacuum from Xiaomi, you truly are able to navigate in the tightest of places.

the cleaning capacity of FVQ wireless handheld vacuum cleaner 

Another great feature of this handheld vacuum is its built-in LED light angled illumination. With just a single press of a button, you can turn on your vacuum lighting. This feature is extremely handy for when you’re trying to clean areas with insufficient light such as the spaces behind or beneath your furniture.

High-power suction leaves no dirt behind

Although this Xiaomi wireless handheld vacuum cleaner is small in size, it does pack some remarkable strength. This compact vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a powerful motor that delivers 32000 rotations per minute and treats you to a whopping 5000pa suction. Along with its turbine blades, it is fully capable of cleaning dust, hair, seeds, chips, little stones, and even coins. When you use this handheld vacuum from Xiaomi to clean your room, you can be assured that not a single piece of dust stays left behind. Its high power makes it especially useful for cleaning difficult to reach spaces such as in between your car interior and the pillows of your chairs and sofa.

5000pa suction of this Xiaomi wireless handheld vacuum cleaner  

Along with its powerful motor, the Cleanfly - FVQ wireless handheld vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi Youpin supports HEP11-grade filter purification. It furthermore comes with a unique and innovative air guide ventilation system that keeps your vacuum cool without creating any secondary pollution. With its two-in-one nozzle design that supports flat-mouth and brush, it is able to clean any type of surface with great ease.

its two-in-one nozzle design of flat-mouth and brush  

Long-lasting battery

Despite its lightweight and compact design, this futuristic handheld vacuum cleaner packs two whopping 2000mAh batteries. These high-performance cells deliver a total of 1.5h continuous usage time on a single charge. This is more than enough for several cleaning sessions without needing to worry about running out of juice. Whenever you are running low on power, there is no reason to worry either. Thanks to its quick-charge support, your wireless vacuum will be fully charged in just 13 minutes.

two 2000mAh batteries 

Overall impression

After using the Cleanfly - FVQ wireless handheld vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi Youpin for several weeks now, my experience can only be described as positive. It features a compact, lightweight, and stylish wireless design that allows me to clean any spot in my home or car. Along with its powerful motor and long-lasting battery, it is able to pick up large pieces of dirt to guarantee an overall thorough cleaning experience. The built-in LED lights allow you to easily clean in the dark or behind your furniture. This compact wireless vacuum is perfect for cleaning those spots where your regular cleaner can’t reach. And with a price tag of merely $69.46 at GearBest, this beauty truly is a must-have gadget in any modern household.


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