Xiaomi Eraclean ultrasonic cleaning machine unboxing and cleaning test

BySigismondo Eisenhower 2019-10-17 13839

October 5, Xiaomi official announced that Xiaomi crowdfunding new products-EraClean ultrasonic cleaning machine, the price is only 99 yuan. With the 45,000Hz high frequency vibration, the Xiaomi EraClean ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean fingerprint, oil, odor and residue on the glasses and jewelry. But how about it’s really cleaning effect. We take three gadget to test, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 strap, silver bracelet and the glasses.

Xiaomi Eraclean ultrasonic cleaning machine 

Xiaomi Eraclean ultrasonic cleaning machine unboxing

The packing is very simple, the power adapter, the instruction manual and the cleaning machine body. The whole body simple white design. Inside there is a stainless steel tank in which the items are cleaned.

Xiaomi Eraclean ultrasonic cleaning machine 

The motor of the EraClean ultrasonic cleaner is located on the right side of the fuselage, so the "border" on this side is thicker, with a status indicator that displays different colors depending on the state of the machine.

The ripple below the indicator is actually a button, and the cleaning machine will start working after pressing it.

After the cover plate is fastened, it can play the effect of preventing leakage and prevent the water or cleaning liquid from splashing out under the condition of high frequency vibration.

The bottom is the nameplate and four rubber pads, ultrasonic cleaning machine working, there will be obvious shake and noise.

The use of rubber pads, on the one hand, can increase friction and avoid excessive ultrasonic displacement, on the other hand, it can also help to reduce noise.

Cleaning test on Xiaomi Mi band 3

Depending on the item being washed, you need to add the corresponding cleaning agent. Because this time is mainly to test the ability of ultrasonic cleaning, we use pure water. There is a waterline on the stainless steel tank of the cleaning machine, that is, the recommended water level.

Xiaomi Eraclean ultrasonic cleaning machine 

Then put in the cleaning items, where we chose the Xiami Mi Band 3. Because of long time wearing, the gap of strap will be a variety of indescribable dirt. Even if there is the habit of cleaning regularly, this part of the wrist band perforation is difficult to clean, so we first use the bracelet for ultrasonic cleaning test.

Turn on the power, press the start button, and the EraClean ultrasonic cleaner will start cleaning for 3 minutes. The cover plate should be covered in the cleaning process to keep the cleaning machine stable.

If you think 3 minutes is not enough, you can press the start button again after the automatic stop to continue the cleaning process. However, the machine is designed to have a self-protection mechanism, which can only be cleaned three times in 15 minutes. The fourth time the protection mechanism will be enabled and must be cooled for 5 minutes before cleaning.

This is the result of three minutes of cleaning, and you can see that a lot of the dirt attached to the bracelet and the bracelet wristband has fallen off, and the bracelet has taken on a new look after it has been cleaned.

Xiaomi Eraclean ultrasonic cleaning machine 

The dirt that originally blocked a circle of wrist strap perforation has disappeared, and after ultrasonic cleaning, rinse with clean water to see a clean bracelet.

After each cleaning, it is also recommended to clean the ultrasonic cleaning machine once, replace the cleaning water, and remove the dirt from the previous cleaning.

Cleaning test on silver bracket

Then we tested some of the other commonly used equipment, because of the size limit, outdoor watches may not be able to clean the whole together, but rings, necklaces, such small jewelry does not matter.

In addition, ultrasonic cleaning of electronic products needs special attention, and its waterproof ability must be determined before cleaning.

Because in the state of high-frequency vibration, water is more likely to enter cracks, grooves and other parts, if the waterproof capacity is not enough, it is easy to enter water and cause loss.

Cleaning test on the glasses

Finally, we have an experience for the maximum use of small ultrasonic cleaning machine-glasses lens cleaning. Cleaning glasses is a headache for many people. Fingerprints, oil, dust on the edges of lenses, and unknown dirt on the hinges of the frames can all make obsessive-compulsive disorder uncomfortable.

Xiaomi Eraclean ultrasonic cleaning machine​ 

The dirt at the junction of the lens and the frame spreads out like milk dripping into the water.

The solid dirt is "shaken" by the high-frequency vibration of the ultrasonic wave, a clean dead angle that is difficult for people to reach, but it is easy for ultrasonic cleaning machines.

After cleaning, most of the dirt at the junction of the frame also fell off. The dirt stained on the lenses can be removed by rinsing with clean water, and then drained or wiped dry to complete the cleaning of the glasses.


Although EraClean ultrasonic cleaning machine can not be compared with large professional equipment, but its price of 99 yuan and lightweight volume, determine that it is a product that can be widely used in ordinary families.

After many cleaning experiences, we have also confirmed that its main ultrasonic cleaning is effective and is very convenient for cleaning products such as glasses, gestures and baby nipples.

Officials say matching detergents will be sold later, but they can also be paired with their own cleaning.

If you clean oil, you can drop an appropriate amount of hand sanitizer or detergent into the water, and when cleaning contact lenses, pour in a special cleaning solution.

If you have small items that need to be cleaned frequently, consider buying one.

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