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Xiaomi foldable phone appears on EUIPO: 3 segment design and triple rear cameras

ByTown Kassis 2019-08-14 1185

The latest news reveal that Xiaomi has submitted the design drawing of its foldable phone to EU Intellectual Property Office. The design shows that the Xiaomi foldable phone will be equipped with three screens and adopt double folding design scheme.

Xiaomi has submitted the design drawing of its foldable phone to EU Intellectual Property Office

According to the patent picture, the Xiaomi foldable phone is divided into three parts, with a slightly larger middle screen, while the left and right screens are slightly smaller and can be folded backward. When unfolded, the phone becomes a large "tablet" with a very thin frame to watch videos and so on. There is also a button in the middle of the top of the phone, a headphone Jack may also be placed at the top, and a USB-C port at the bottom.


In addition, the Xiaomi foldable phone will adopt triple rear camera design and is distributed vertically, and when you want to take a picture, you may need to fold back a screen to reveal the rear camera.

However, there is no front camera in the picture, so it is most likely using the under-screen front camera design.

Xiaomi foldable phone

It was previously reported that Xiaomi foldable phone will be named as "Xiaomi Dual Flex" or "Xiaomi MIX Flex" and will be launched in the second quarter, but so far there has been no official release. But for now, perhaps the Xiaomi foldable phone is not far from release, so let’s look forward to more news about it.

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