Xiaomi M365 pro electric scooter review: features, battery, connectivity, driving

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As soon as the year 2019 has begun, Xiaomi has already marked it with an indelible sign. The Chinese company did not wait until the end of the first quarter to unveil a new electric scooter model: the M365 Pro. Built on the achievements of the previous M365, beloved of simple, fast and environmentally friendly driving enthusiasts, the Xiaomi M365 Pro is a version that comes with more power, more speed and unique features. We present here our opinion and test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro, the newborn of the family of electric scooters less than 500 euros. Read instead.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter


It's not a secret. The M365 electric scooter has been one of the best-selling models in the world. Last February 16th, the manufacturer presented the characteristics of a new version of the machine. There is no doubt, like many, you will love it.

In order to give you an objective opinion, we have conducted for you a test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro. First, we will discuss the characteristics of this version, then the elements it has in common with the previous version.

An LCD screen

An LCD is the last thing you could expect. Yet, we did not need to test the Xiaomi Mijia 365 Pro before noticing this jewel and make an opinion. It is placed right in the middle of the handlebars to serve as a dashboard to the driver.

The LCD screen allows the driver for example to know the speed at which it evolves and choose the driving mode. It can be economy mode, D mode or sport mode.

On the same screen, it can also read many other information such as headlight signals, Bluetooth functionality and know the level of the battery at any time. The latter is represented on the screen by a gauge, which informs you, in real time thanks to a system of 5 bars, the level of consumption of the battery.

To be more specific, when testing the Xiaomi M365 Pro to give us an opinion, we did not need any LEDs whose previous model was equipped.

In addition, our test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro reveals that the driver has more ease in the maintenance of the machine. As soon as there is a small problem, any malfunction, the system sends you a systematic notification on the screen to draw your attention.

Let's move on to another notable improvement after testing the Xiaomi M365 Pro.

Battery capacity increased by about 50%

This is the second major improvement this model presents. And we talk about it in this review and test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro. Some users of the model M365 had already expressed the need for a battery a little more powerful.

It is with joy that they will notice after test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro that their wishes have been granted. Indeed, the car is much more powerful. The machine is equipped with a Li-ion battery with an advanced capacity of 12800 mAh or 474 Wh. This equates to an increase of nearly 50% compared to its predecessor which was only 7200 mAh.

Other features

In this section of this review and test article of the Xiaomi M365 Pro we will discuss the other features of scooters.

First, the machine retains all the resistance that is known to the old model and is even much stronger. In terms of constitution, it is manufactured with an aluminum alloy aircraft. It is therefore very resistant whatever the weather conditions.

As for the wheels, their dimensions have not changed. They are still 8.5 inches. In addition, after our test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro, we find that the wheels are still neither rigid nor semi rigid. In our opinion, the company will have to think about this detail for the next versions.

During the test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro, the Chinese firm confirmed that the car can go at a speed of 25 km /, when it is used in standard mode. On the other hand its speed approaches the 18 km / h when it operates in economy mode. This is, indeed, due to its DC Brushless Motor, which comes with a nominal power of 300 W.

To evaluate the truth of this feature, our test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro was performed on individuals of different weights. We noticed that it could carry up to 120 kg of load.

In addition, after testing the Xiaomi M365 Pro, we discovered a braking system consisting of a 120mm disc brake and another electric motor brake with an E-ABS locking system. . In our opinion, these two brakes will give the machine a good quality of braking on the roads.

To come to the question of slope, the scooter, always foldable, is effective on slopes rising up to 20 °. Again, it must be said that the performance will be based on the load transported. The less load, the more you can benefit from the speed and performance of the scooter.

In your opinion, the Xiaomi M365 Pro is it worth the object of your covetous? It may be too early to give you a real opinion. Read more next.

Driving and comfort

In this section of our review and test the Xiaomi M365 Pro, let's talk about the braking system. It is much more interesting. In fact, unlike the 110 mm we were entitled to, the Chinese company has decided to equip its new electrical equipment brake discs of 120 mm.

On the roads, you will have better braking quality, regardless of the speed at which you ride. This is another positive point in our review and test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro.

We had already talked about the battery which, because of its increased capacity, allows to do more distance with a single charge. What we will add in this section of our review and test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro is that while this increase in capacity has its benefits, it also poses a slight problem.

Indeed, the machine weighs 14.2 kg or 1.7 kg more than the M365. In our opinion, this makes transport less easy, when compared to the previous version. Especially for those whose apartments are upstairs, carrying more than 14 kilograms each time, is not likely to be a part of fun.

On the other hand, the manufacturer has made it clear that the machine was also IP54 certified, thus complying with the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

To close this section of our review and test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro, note that for a happier use, the scooter will also come with some accessories namely a 42 Volt charger, an extension to inflate tires and a screwdriver for mounting the handlebars.


Let's start this section of our review and test the Xiaomi M365 Pro by reminding that the device still works with Ninebot's iOS and Android apps. With your Smartphone and the compatible application, you can lock the front wheel of the machine to secure it while you're away.

The Bluetooth function also offers you this possibility. It is quite effective on a very wide range of action. And speaking of Bluetooth, for those who still remember, that of the eldest of the Xiaomi M365 Pro had been the gateway that allowed the intrusion of hackers in the system of the machine. There was a serious flaw in the design.

Thus, hackers could, thanks to Bluetooth, control any of these machines over a distance of about 100 meters. They could slow them down or speed up at will. At the latest news, the Asian company ensures that no test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro on the point of security will reveal any malfunction. The faults were backfilled. This is a big plus in this review.


For devices such as scooters, the ergonomics factor is very important. Because of your proximity to your gear and the frequency of use, it is always good to have a truly ergonomic scooter.

It is therefore right that during the test of the Xiaomi M365 Pro, we wanted to know what is the degree of comfort that can benefit. And we will address this aspect in this notice.

Indeed, on the ergonomic side, our opinion after testing the Xiaomi M365 Pro is absolutely positive. It is true that many drivers would have wanted to have an adjustable handlebar, and this is also our opinion since it is better to be able to adjust the handlebars depending on the size of the driver. By cons, the device has a very soft wrist, with a non-slip that allows excellent support.

Moreover, it is an electric scooter that offers an excellent pose for your feet. The tray is a little wider and equipped with an effective material to prevent slippage.


In our opinion, this racing car will soon flood the streets of Paris. Indeed, this device has totally surprised everyone, and positively, of course. With a fairly robust battery, the Xiaomi M365 Pro has a much longer battery life.

With a full charge, it can travel a distance of 45 km. You imagine ? This is the equivalent of a trip between Paris and Melun, with only one charge of the battery. The advantage with this is that it relieves you of the need to have to make regular loads of the battery. You will be able to travel longer distances with a single charge.

Difficult not to have a very positive opinion on the Xiaomi M365 Pro at the sight of such autonomy.


If you're a fan of electric scooters, there's no reason you're not looking forward to running your own Xiaomi M365 Pro test for personal advice. We learn that Americans are also waiting impatiently for the device. In France, know that you will be able to order it at Weebot for the price of 599 €!


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