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Xiaomi Mesh router suit has announced: distributed router will be even more popular

ByNiki Jones 2019-03-01 3574

Although everyone now has a wireless router at home, many people probably don't have much research on it. Xiaomi has been in the router market since a long time ago, and is widely accepted for its simple design, convenient setting and affordable price. Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet era, more and more devices need to be connected to the Internet at home. A simple router can hardly meet people's needs

I believe that many people now have two or more wireless routers at home. One is a wireless route over a fiber-optic home, which is then bridged with two routers to ensure full house coverage. The biggest pain point is the need to switch the wireless network links when changing places, which is equivalent to disconnecting and reconnecting every time, the experience is very bad. Mesh system has no such problem, so it gradually comes to the home scene. Now it is generally believed that the future of home wireless network must be Mesh system. However, the price of the Mesh system in the market is very high, and there is still a threshold for household using.

On February 28, Xiaomi officially announced its annual flagship product - the Xiaomi Mesh router, officially joining the home wireless network revolution. Xiaomi has done countless behavior to overturn the industry so far. Will this Mesh router be the same? We can look at the highlights of Xiaomi Mesh router first.

Xiaomi Mesh router 

According to the official introduction, the Xiaomi Mesh router is a Wi-Fi system that can handle all kinds of home environments. To put it simply, the Xiaomi Mesh router Suite contains two identical routes, which do not distinguish between the parent and the molecular router. By networking, it can solve the problem of seamless coverage of Wi-Fi signals in various house types, and it is the same Wi-Fi signal coverage.

Xiaomi Mesh router suit uses Mesh technology to support four-channel hybrid networking. The four channels are 4GHz wi-fi, 5GHz wi-fi, gigabit power line and network line. The theoretical network speed can reach up to 2567Mbps. With a gigabit network port, high-speed Internet can be achieved everywhere in the house.

Mesh technology 

The 2.4ghz and 5GHz of Xiaomi Mesh router are equipped with two independent signal amplifiers, which can transmit the signal farther, penetrate the wall better and cover a wider area.

two independent signal amplifiers 

Similarly, Xiaomi has ensured that the router’s settings are simple and easy to use. Connecting the Mesh router to the light cat or the gateway, download and install the Xiaomi wi-fi APP after pluging in the power. You can surf the Internet quickly after completing the settings according to the APP.

The Xiaomi Mesh router suite has simple configure, also can realize blind plug of network port. The automatic identification technology of network port is adopted, and no need to distinguish WAN/LAN port, any network port can be connected to the Internet if it is plugged in. Simply put, after a network port is plugged into the external network cable, other network ports automatically switch to LAN port mode. Of course, this is a relatively mature technology.

network port 

Xiaomi smart hardware general manager, Tangmu, revealed that the router is carefully developed by Xiaomi and Qualcomm teams over a period of one year. It can also be used in combination with two sets of four sets, so that it can cover all kinds of households. In this way, even the villa with a few floors, four equipment can be achieved coverage.


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