Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Galaxy S10: Know price and technical data for mobile phones

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Xiaomi Mi 9 is a Xiaomi mobile phone that intends to offer the best cost-benefit comparison with other advanced technical sheet models in 2019. One of them is Samsung's Galaxy S10, which came to Brazil for at least R $4,999. Pulled by the most account price, below the R $2,000 overseas, the Chinese smartphone quickly reached the 1 million brand of units around the world.

The appliances bring high-end specifications, latest generation processor and fingerprint reader inside the screen. In addition, they offer sophisticated design and respectful cameras. But from the software to the availability of sale, there are some important differences that you should take into account in the comparative. Meet, Next, the details of the phones.


The Xiaomi Mi 9 is an option for those who have travel abroad and think about bringing a new phone with you, since Anatel does not allow to import smartphones via post office.

Fabric and Design

The Mi 9 has 6.39 inch screen, larger than the 6.1 of the Galaxy S10. This difference makes the Chinese device more robust and with larger area to watch videos. On the other hand, the S10 display has more advanced specifications: it brings higher resolution and dynamic AMOLED technology, which offers more accurate colors and brightness than Super AMOLED.


The phones also bring different solutions to give space to the front camera, which sits inside the screen on the S10 and housed in a notch in the Mi 9. Both also bring fingerprint reader technology integrated into the display.


The two phones offer triple camera with different lenses for various usage scenarios. The Galaxy S10 brings a 12-megapixel camera with angular lens for everyday photos, a 12-megapixel second with telephoto lens to give 2x optical zoom, plus a 16-megapixel lens with a 123-to-a-wide magnifier to capture more open images , whether with more people or a larger landscape in the same frame.


The Mi 9 also features a 12-megapixel camera with its own lens for zooming and a 16 megapixels that captures a wider angle. The main difference is the primary sensor of 48 megapixels, which allows shooting at higher resolution and enlarge the image without loss of definition.


The Mi 9 should also be an attractive option in selfies, since its front camera of 20 megapixels exceeds the resolution of the 10 megapixel sensor of the S10.


The Mi 9 and the Galaxy S10 have similar specifications and should offer performance without choking on any daily task. The Chinese model brings Snapdragon 855 chip, from Qualcomm, and 6 GB RAM memory. The Brazilian version of the S10 has the Exynos 9820 processor and 8 GB RAM, which should deliver more power compared to the Xiaomi phone.


Both phones offer two storage options. Mi 9 has 64 GB and 128 GB editions. The Galaxy S10 is available in Brazil with 128 GB and 512 GB.


The Galaxy S10 brings 3,400 mAh battery, slightly larger than the 3,300 mAh cell present in Xiaomi Mi 9. The amount tends to be sufficient to supply the cell phones during a full day of use.


The S10 is able to recharge other devices via the Wireless PowerShare feature. Already the Mi 9 brings a more agile system of charging the battery itself, both wired (27 Watts) and Wireless (20 Watts).


The phones come out of the factory with Android 9 (Pie), latest version of Google software. There is a sensitive difference of experience of use on account of the proprietary systems developed by each manufacturer. The Galaxy S10 runs the One UI, an interface that focuses on ergonomics and simplifying features compared to previous editions. The Mi 9 comes with the MIUI 10, known for the wide variety of extra functions. One is a new task management engine that learns the user's habits over time and promises to optimize performance.

Price and Availability

The Galaxy S10 arrived in Brazil in March 2019. The phone is available in black, white, and blue colors by R $4,999 in the 128 GB and R $6,199 version with 512 GB of storage.


Mi 9 is cheaper. The global edition of the mobile phone was announced in February 2019 with the suggested price from 300 euros (about R $1,320). The smartphone, however, is not expected to arrive in Brazil, despite the return of Xiaomi to the country in partnership with DL Electronics. The appliance follows as an import option.



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