Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S unboxing & setup & review

ByJocelyn Longoria 2019-06-17 1144

After the Interior of Thailand is launching the latest products in the M.E.C.O.P., the D.E.C.S.P. is getting a product from the beetles to play it. Other than the vacuum robot, Mirobot Vagium, there's a power surge in the house, like M.A. Airfrey 2S.

An application, according to the team, it's very impressive on this air-conditioning.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S

When the box comes up, it'll find a photo of the air-conditioning devices and the devices connected to the buyers to see if there's a device in the machine. All right, all the machines, air filters and electrical wires.

When it opens up, it's found a U.S. Airfrey 2S in the bed, there's foam and shields and the shields, and the top is enveloped in a manual override. It's a pamphlet, but don't worry, you can't read, because there's a clear image, and it's easy to understand.

If it's about the air conditioning, a lot of people should think of old-fashioned electronics, or a big windmill. Well, that's not for this machine because the design of the air-conditioning system is very advanced by a simple white machine. A lot of people understand that this is a modern-day modern computer.

The symmetrical display screen shows the amount of dust in the air, the temperature, the moisture, the link. Wid-fire and active mode

Including the design of the air entrance around the air, and a clean climate out of the top shelf.

Bottom of the system is used with the top power button to reset it and sign the Laser PMSsor to detect the dust. If this sensor finds the temperature of the air, it's automatically automatic.

The back area is the location of the air-conditioning filter and a crystal skull with an air-conditioning filter, which has its own. The letter says it should change air filters every six months.

Beginning for MIRIRFID 2S

It's not hard for the first centreer 2S in the first time it's not hard, just plug the plug into the plug and press the button. Mark and air purifier from Mii, but with another special role in the application, then download the M.H.A. Synchronize & smartphones and filters (AlOS and +)

Then, let's connect the air-conditioning and smartphones that set up the app together with the same network connections.

In the first known connection, there's a problem with a disconnected problem, which solved the air conditioning system.

Whether to open the back button or change the other network Internets in this test.

Use Internet from other smartphones to connect, and in the selection of the country on the I.M. Hughes.


Based on the touch and use the M.A. Ferrari two found out that the air conditioner was a good combination of electric, electronics and homeowners.

In the part of working with the applicants and smartphones, but with the job of the Air Frevier 2S, still do a full job. The image can be handled by the size of the room, and the device is silent, not disrupting work or rest. Distract the connection, which can solve the problem if you need some more fun air conditioning. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to try to touch the Aerial Privacy 2S, all the Fergers can be owned by 5990.

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