Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro review: wireless Bluetooth earphones with noise reduction function

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-17 16926

Here they are, the long-awaited wireless headphones-plugs Xiaomi with noise suppression. Now the wireless headset in a special honor, because after the debut of Apple AirPods White headphones again in vogue. Xiaomi, as a well-known master of replicas and copies, could not stand aside and showed what he was capable of. Okay, let's listen and try how they sound and what's good. By the way, the full name of the headphone sounds like this: Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones. Majestic and serious, so I prefer the simple option: Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro

Let's start with the cover

The cover of the headphones is quite large: it is wide, so it unlocks from the pocket of jeans. In the summer it will not be very comfortable. As for me, Xiaomi AirDots or Meizu POP covers-charging more convenient form, in addition they are more compact. The body of the cover is made of Matt White plastic. It does not scratch, but quickly gets dirty.


Headphones inside are held on the magnets, the lid is also fixed tightly and accidentally will not open. So you can not worry that the headphones will take and accidentally fall. Moreover, to draw Mi AirDots Pro out of the case is not so easy: the magnets are surprisingly strongly hold the headphones.


Here is my advice: do not stick the case in the jeans lid down. And then, removing it from the pocket, the lid clings to the fabric, and there is a fear that it will fall off.

Listen to Music

The headphones are large and large, the body is made of Matt White plastic. Like? Yes, they look good. And yet Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro are in black color.


How do you know which earpiece is left and which one is right? On the body of headphones there is hardly noticeable markings, well, do not forget to include logic, assessing the shape of headphones. Immediately clear that the left earpiece shove in the right ear will be extremely problematic.


Headphones-earplugs normally sit in the ears, fit comfortable, sensations pleasant, nothing hurts and ears do not get tired. A nice feature: When you take out one or both headphones, the music automatically pauses. The IR sensor works well, and for a couple of days the use of errors was not noticed. When you have inserted the earpiece back, you need to press the Play button on the phone again or start the song with a gesture by tapping the earpiece body.


And now we go to the main, to the sound. And then I have a sad conclusion: to buy for the classroom music in the ears of Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro is not worth it. Yes, there is a large supply of volume, they are not hoarse at maximum power, stable communication with the phone, but with a dull and dirty sound. I've hooked up my entire old playlist with Muse, Rob Zombie and Rage Against The Machine. Not impressed at all. If you listen to melodic classics like Vivaldi, without trying to differentiate between instruments, the situation becomes better-as a source of quiet background music headphones will suit. But if you want drive, joy and emotion, it's not about them.

Connect and manage

The first connection of headphones to the phone is as follows: Fold the lid cover, press the button on the body and hold it for five seconds. We see that the indicator flashes on the body of the headphone, then start searching for Bluetooth devices on the phone. All, after that Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro will automatically connect to the phone.


It is strange that the new headphones, presented in the 2019 year, got the old Bluetooth 4.2. However, fault to the fact that they do not keep the connection or lose it, I also can not, with it all normal. But there is a nuance. When you watch a video, you feel a delay: the sound does not coincide with the picture. And what to do with it? Or to accept, or to look for other headphones.


It is a pity that the touch of headphones can not switch tracks. But you can pause, start playback or call a voice assistant. In general, to control the music is more convenient to use the phone: knock on the body Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro finger somehow not very comfortable. Especially in winter, when you wear gloves or mittens and do not want to once again to Frost fingers.

Noise reduction feature

A very interesting feature of headphones is noise reduction. The function is very simple: you need to press your finger on the touch pad and hold for three seconds. After that ambient noise will be quieter, but it is not necessary to count on full silence. You will still hear the crashing of the wheels in the subway, the alarm on the street and the siren of the passing car MES. And then the feeling is twofold: the function is like it is, but it works so that soon forget about it, praise is not for that.

I tried to talk on headphones. Microphones work well, the voice is not very clear, but for the headset-normal quality.

Working hours

It will be difficult to determine the remaining charge level, because there is only one light indicator on the case. For example, Meizu POP has four diodes at once, it is easier to draw conclusions. And here the diode or flashes, hinting that it is time to recharge, or just burns, noting that the battery is fine. Illogical!


The case is built-in battery capacity 410 Mah. The headset can be recharged three times. Depending on the volume level, AirDots Pro works for about three hours, plus three more charges from the cover. The full charge of the cover takes an hour, as much and to fully charge the headphones.


Headphones, case-charging, USB cable Type-C, replaceable ear pads.


In the blue-white box is a small instruction, where they tell how to use headphones. Manuals in Russian language is not available, but there is in English, thanks and for that.


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