Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro vs Apple AirPods: Comparison of wireless headphones

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-17 14942

While the whole world is waiting for the second generation of Apple AirPods headphones, competitors are not asleep. Not so long ago the company Xiaomi released its first tws headphones Mi AirDots. Yes, there were problems with the interaction and synchronous connection of two headphones, but, over time, it seems that everything has become in place, understand with the correct synchronization and connection. After the company Honor releases its tws headphones FlyPods in which already and the shape is similar, they are the same type, inserts, and sound is no worse than Apple, even there is an opinion that this is the main competitor of the eminent brand.

And so, after a couple of months, after the release of AirDots, the company Xiaomi, without unnecessary noise, without a presentation, January 11 releases the second generation of fully wireless headphones. And as soon as they weren't called. Many reviewers, including us, did not bother and even before the official sales added to the name of the first headphone console Pro. So they began to call them Mi AirDots Pro, while neither on the box, nor in the instructions or "Dots" or "Pro" is not in sight. But now we seem to know the right name. It is on the front side of the box, and in the reduction in characteristics on the back side (model: TWSEJ01JY), and the same name is displayed in the list of devices in the Bluetooth settings of your device, when connected.


This time, the design of the box reacted responsibly, you can say with the soul. Cardboard material is certainly not as dense as that of AirPods, but still. On the front side of the rectangular box is a textured image of the gadget and textured waves on a turquoise background in other parts of the box. The color and shape of the packaging is more reminiscent of the Honor FlyPods packaging than Apple packaging.


As for the design of the case and the headphones themselves-everything is clear and visible to the naked eye. The AirPods shape of the case is elegant, refined, with smoothed corners. True Wireless Earphones shows assembly joints on four sides. A neat indicator light is placed on the front side in the lower part, and the Bluetooth activation button is located on the right side. Apple has an indicator under the lid and a button at the back. Plus case Xiaomi is that it can be put on the table, but whether it is important if because of this form it is not convenient to carry in your pocket.


The headphones of the new model Xiaomi more massive, more size. The legs with the directional microphone are thicker, the shape of the main part is radically different – it is understandable, the headphones Xiaomi intrancinnymi with interchangeable leatherette ear pads.

How it sounds

The sound of the new Xiaomi headphones surprised, but not in the best way from Apple. At first it seemed that the sound in them is good – there is a good bass, everything is balanced, good vocals. But after listening to half of the track in True Wireless, I connect AirPods and, continuing to listen to the same track, understand all the beauty and the difference of sound. I'm surprised I would never have thought that the bass in the in-ear headphones might be worse than the usual inserts – well, like the usual Apple-liners. Here is definitely ahead of the Apple manufacturer, but as long as you do not find yourself in the subway. In AirPods, in noisy conditions, you will not be able to quietly enjoy music-about watching movies, videos in YouTube or listening to audiobooks, I do not even, you just do not hear anything. And in this case win Xiaomi, in them and music to listen and cinema to look in the subway. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones have an active noise reduction, which, if necessary, can be turned on or off without pulling the smartphone, it is necessary to hold the earphone panel for three seconds, after which the female voice in Chinese will inform you that noise reduction is enabled or disabled. When talking during a call, the noise reduction is turned on automatically.

Microphone Sound

When talking on the street near a busy road, in a decently blowing wind and Xiaomi, and Apple showed quite a decent result. The interlocutor did not complain about the interference, not saying. Audibility good.

Control playback and calls

In order to call the Voice assistant in headphones from Apple need to make a double touch to any earphone, Xiaomi Helper is called exactly as well, but only with the left earpiece.


True Wireless Earphones are not able to switch compositions. In AirPods on the contrary, there is such a possibility, and the ability to adjust gesture control.


You can switch tracks and adjust the volume in Xiaomi headphones by giving commands to the voice assistant. To do this, it must be enabled and configured on your smartphone (it can be both Siri, or Google assistant).


Otherwise all gestures are similar. Using the touch, you can accept or reset incoming calls, play or pause playback of the open player.


The surprising thing is that the interface of the charging cable at Xiaomi Mi True Wireless has been updated to USB Type-C (in the first version of the AirDots Micro USB Connector), and data transmission is via Bluetooth 4.2 protocol (the first version works on the Bluetooth Protocol 5.0). The declared distance of data transmission is 10 meters, in conditions without obstacles.


The Xiaomi headphone charge level is displayed as an icon at the top of the smartphone screen or as a percentage in Bluetooth connection settings – Everything depends on the smartphone. For example, on Xiaomi Redmi 5A the charge is displayed only as an icon, and on OnePlus 6T shows the remaining percentage in the Bluetooth settings menu.


Presented competitors are automatically disconnected in the case and also automatically connect back if they get it. The first connection is identical – open the case with headphones, clamp the activation button before the indicator flashes white, select the device in the smartphone, then the headphones are ready to use.


Also in the headphones there is an infrared optical sensor, which detects in the ear earphone or not and automatically puts the playback of headphones on pause if one of them to get out of the ear.


At Xiaomi during the call the melody goes on the phone, and in headphones the signal is given by the female voice in the Chinese language. The AirPods ringtone is played with headphones.


The time of the Xiaomi True Wireless Earphones, together with the case, is 1 hour. Autonomous operation from one charge 3 hours at 80 percent of the volume. Recharging in the case with a battery capacity of 410 Mah, you can prolong the autonomy for another seven hours-total plus minus 10 hours of battery life. The manufacturer declares the availability of fast charging technology-after 10 minutes in the case headphones will work for another 70 minutes autonomously. AirPods headphones in 15 minutes of charging in the case will work for another 180 minutes.


Company Xiaomi has released excellent headphones-but there is still where to aspire. No matter how they embellish the sound quality in the description on the official website, the sound of AirPods is still saturated and interesting, and they are not vacuum. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones is ideal for travelling in public transport.


In the time of autonomy Xiaomi headphones are inferior to Apple headphones almost twice, and this is given the much larger size of the case and the headphones themselves!

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