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Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro vs. Mi AirDots: are the new true wireless earbuds worth an upgrade?

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The Mi AirDots Pro are supposed to be an improved and a more “high-end” version of the original Mi AirDots — Xiaomi’s first true wireless earbuds aiming to rival (at least, in price), Apple’s AirPods. While the first version of the earbuds got quite close to looking and performing like Apple AirPods on a budget, there was definitely room for improvement. Was that room filled with new features? Let’s find out.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro vs. Xiaomi Mi AirDots: specs

First, let's take a quick look at the specs of Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro and Xiaomi Mi AirDots.


Product name
Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro
Xiaomi Mi AirDots
5.00 x 2.00 x 2.00 cm / 1.97 x 0.79 x 0.79 inches
2.30 x 1.45 x 1.30 cm / 0.91 x 0.57 x 0.51 inches
0.0116 kg
0.0042 kg
Charging time
Wearing type
Standby time
Talk time
Battery capacity(mAh)
Answering Phone,Bluetooth,Microphone,Noise Cancelling,Song Switching,Sweatproof,Voice control,Volume Control,Waterproof
Answering phone,Bluetooth,Microphone,noise cancelling,voice control,voice prompt
Compatible with
iOS and Android devices, including tablets laptops, and mobile phones
iPhone,Mobile phone
Bluetooth Version


Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro Binaural TWS Bluetooth Earphones Wireless Earbuds - WHITE

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro Binaural TWS Bluetooth Earphones Wireless Earbuds - WHITE
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Xiaomi Mi AirDots TWS Bluetooth Earphones Wireless In-ear Earbuds - WHITE

Xiaomi Mi AirDots TWS Bluetooth Earphones Wireless In-ear Earbuds - WHITE
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Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro vs. Xiaomi Mi AirDots: smaller and lighter with better controls

As in all of our Mi AirDots reviews, we will preface the comparison with a quick reminder of what true wireless earbuds actually are. The key to the idea of a completely wireless earbud set is that there are no wires attached to any of the ear pieces — they are not connected to your phone/tablet/computer or to each other with cords. This makes the earphones a much more convenient choice for workouts and, in general, gives one a wider range of movement — which is always a good thing.

The Mi AirDots Pro and the original Mi AirDots are true wireless earbuds — and this part remains unchanged.

The Mi AirDots Pro vs the original Mi AirDots design  

The design of the new earphones is supposed to give them a more "prime" look. And we could definitely spot a few differences. The new Mi AirDots Pro come with a pointed silicone tip (which was not the case with the original Mi AirDots) — and, addition to giving the earphones a distinct look, the pointed tips provide for better noise cancellation. There is a shiny circular rim around the base of each earbud but they still come in only one color — Xiaomi's classic white.

The design of Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro  

The Mi AirDots Pro look much smaller in the ear than the original version — there is definitely less bulk (at least, visually) and each earbud weighs just 5.8 grams.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro vs Xiaomi Mi AirDots size in the ear

Despite their smaller size, the Mi AirDots Pro offer more touch control options. You will be able to start a call, hang up, pause or play music, turn the noise reduction on and off, control binaural playback and wake up the voice assistant — all with just a simple touch or tap on the base of the earbud.

Mi AirDots Pro wake up the voice assistant  

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro vs. Xiaomi Mi AirDots: better noise cancellation

One of the key advantages advertised by Xiaomi for the new AirDots Pro is better noise cancellation. With the ANC active noise cancellation onboard, you will be getting a truly immersive audio experience — and this feature comes in especially useful when making handsfree calls.

The buds also  feature 7mm neodymium iron boron drivers with a  titanium-plated diaphragm for improved frequency response.

 7mm neodymium iron boron of Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 

Another feature of note on the new earbuds is the automatic connection and reconnection. Once you have connected the AirDots Pro to your phone, they will reconnect automatically every time the device is available — so you won't have to perform the reconnection manually. The earbuds will also automatically disconnect after 30 minutes of inactivity.

the automatic connection and reconnection of Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro  

The Mi AirDots Pro are IPX4 waterproof, which allows them to easily handle a few splashes and makes them a comfortable choice for intense workouts. You will still not be able to take the earbuds swimming but it's definitely a great feature to have onboard.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro vs. Xiaomi Mi AirDots: 10 hours of battery life

Battery life was the most frequently cited drawback of the Mi AirDots — the earbuds can last for two hours and promise 12 hours on standby. The Mi AirDots Pro do slightly better in this department — on a full charge, they can last for up to 3 hours. However, we would definitely have expected a larger battery on the Pro version. The AirDots still have quite a long way to go when it comes to battery life if they plan to catch up with the Apple AirPods (5 hours of playback on a single charge and 24 hours of listening time with a charging case.)

Xiaomi Mi AirDots battery life 

Speaking if the charging case, things have remained practically the same. You can easily recharge the Mi AirDots Pro by placing them in the mini charging case.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro vs. Xiaomi Mi AirDots: should you upgrade?

The Mi AirDots and the Mi AirDots Pro are both very nice alternatives to the Apple AirPods — in no small part, because they come only at a fraction of the price. What we like about the Mi AirDots is that they come with a more compact design: the earbuds definitely look more elegant in the ear  compared to the slightly bulky Mi AirDots. Better noise cancellation, extensive touch control options and automatic connection are also great things to have in such miniature devices. As mentioned earlier, we could definitely use a bigger oomph on the battery life — but, for the price, you will definitely be getting a good deal.


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