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Xiaomi mi band 3 vs. Xiaomi mi band 2: is the latest fitness tracker worth buying?

ByGB Blog Official 2018-06-06 143120

The Xiaomi 8 launch event brought a final surprise for us - Xiaomi mi band 3. Will it surpass the predominant Xiaomi mi band 2? And what are new features on it?
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A few day ago, Xiaomi released a whole series of new flagships including the Xiaomi Mi 8, Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition with a translucent back, the smaller Xiaomi Mi 8 SE,  Xiaomi MIUI 10 and more — but we are here to talk about its smallest new device, the  Xiaomi mi band 3. How much if an upgrade is the new smartwatch on the previous bestseller, the Xiaomi mi band 2 and should you get the new model right away? Let's find out!


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet - BLACK
$51.46 $23.59    


Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Watch

Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Watch for Android iOS - BLACK CHINESE VERSION
$36.68 $25.95    


Xiaomi mi band 3 vs. Xiaomi mi band 2: video display

First, let's enjoy a video display of Xiaomi mi band 3 shot by GearBest.



Xiaomi mi band 3 vs. Xiaomi mi band 2: specs

Let's kick off the Mi band 3 review with a clear comparison table so that you will quickly know the diffrence between the Xiaomi mi band 3 and Xiaomi mi band 2.

Xioami mi band 2
Xiaomi mi band 3
Xiaomi mi band 2
Xiaomi mi band 3
0.42 inches OLED display screen
0.78 inches OLED display screen
Screen resolution
72 x 40px
128 x 80px
Interactive style
Touch key
Touch screen + touch key
Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
Battery capacity
Standby time
More than 20 days
More than 20 days
Waterproof rate
Wrist strap design
Double color molding
Double color occlusion molding, solider


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Xiaomi mi band 3 vs. Xiaomi mi band 2: design

Design-wise, the two watches are almost identical. They are both made from the same body-friendly thermoplastic elastomer and use Xiaomi's signature wristband style — but the new model features a tighter and more solid strap — something active lifestylers will truly appreciate. The one small difference is that the mi band 3 is slightly heavier than the mi band 2 — you will get to see why a bit later in this post.

the design of Xiaomi mi band 3

the strap of Xiaomi mi band 3

Xiaomi mi band 3 vs. Xiaomi mi band 2: features

Both smartwatches are perfectly suitable for keeping track of your fitness activity and come with everything needed to get key lifestyle data: you get a heart rate monitor for adjusting exercise intensity, a pedometer for staying active throughout the day, a sleep monitor for getting the most out of your downtime and more. You can also sync both watches with your smartphone through the dedicated app and pick up calls right from your wrist. Mi Fit app makes things even better by adding in extra functionality: you can set workout goals, compete with friends and more.

the pick up calls function on Xiaomi mi band 3

The mi band 3 does come with a few spec upgrades though: you get Bluetooth 4.2 for an even smoother experience and the watch is compatible with  both Android 4.4 and above phones as well as iOS 9.0 and above. Plus, the mi band 3 promises an improved NFC function for quick and easy payments right from the watch.

the NFC function on Xiaomi mi band 3

Now, let's move on to the main upgrades on the mi band 3: its screen, battery and water resistance.

Xiaomi mi band 3 vs. Xiaomi mi band 2: screen

While screens have not really been the focal point when it comes to choosing a smartwatch — but the Xiaomi mi band 3 might just change that. The watch comes with larger 0.78 inches PMOLED screenthat can display as many as 24 Chinese characters  (compared to just a 0.42-inch OLED display on the mi band 2). Sporting a  pixel density of 193ppi, the mi band 3 is a smartwatch with the highest PPI custom display on the market. Plus, thanks to the upgraded chip, the new model's screen is also brighter than that of its predecessor.

the large OLED screen on Xiaomi mi band 2

Xiaomi mi band 3 vs. Xiaomi mi band 2: battery

The mi band 2 comes with 70 mAh Lithium Polymer battery and offers you 20 days on standby — which is quite qood for a watch of its size. But the mi band 3 takes things a bit further sporting a 110mAh battery (which explains the watch's heavier weight and provides an even longer usage and standby time).

the long standby time on Xiaomi mi band 3

With that said, both watches are perfectly capable of standing by you for the whole day and you can even keep either one on while sleeping (to make full use of the Sleep Monitor feature, for instance).

Xiaomi mi band 3 vs. Xiaomi mi band 2: waterproof

The mi band 3 is definitely more adventure-ready than its predecessor thanks to  UV100 coating anti-fingerprint coating. More than that, featuring 5ATM waterproof protection, the smartwatch can follow you on a diving expedition to up to 50 meters down — and don't worry at all about leaving the watch on while swimming or taking a shower.

the 5ATM waterpfoof grade on Xiaomi mi band 3

The mi band 2 does not come with the same protection from the elements as the mi band 3 — but it doesn't fall far behind either. The mi band 2 is IP67 certified, which means that you can take it swimming and even have it submerged in water at the depth of 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes without any damage.

Xiaomi mi band 3 vs. Xiaomi mi band 2: the verdict

So, should you upgrade from the Xiaomi mi band 2 to the Xiaomi mi band 3?

Let's sum up. Here's what the mi band 3 is bringing to the table:

● Bigger and brighter 0.78-inch PMOLED screen with 128 x 80 pixels

● 5ATM waterproof: the watch can be worn while diving and handles depths of up to 50 meters

● Larger 110 mAh battery letting you charge the watch as rarely as once a month

● Faster and smoother Bluetooth 4.2 and improved NFC functionality

Price matter? You can get the mi band 2 on GearBest for just $25.95. The new and shiny mi band 3, however, sports a steeper price tag of $23.59. Taking all the upgrades into consideration (as well as the fact that the mi band two is about two years old), we'd say it's good time for a change.


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