Xiaomi mi band 4 renderings exposure: design and functional configuration ushered in a new upgrade

ByDaniel Camilo 2019-05-16 733

With the advancement of science and technology, artificial intelligence has been applied to all aspects of our lives. As an upgrade product of traditional watches, smart bracelets are accepted by more and more consumers, and bracelet manufacturers are also trying to add artificial intelligence to this product. Xiaomi has a lot of products in the field of intelligent hardware, and the representative one is the Xiaomi bracelet. Recently, the network has exposed the rendering of Xiaomi Bracelet 4, showing that it has a new upgrade in appearance and function, or join the Xiao Ai voice assistant.

Xiaomi bracelet 4 

According to the rendering, the front shape of the Xiaomi bracelet 4 continues the design of the Xiaomi bracelet 3, the difference is that the touch sensing area at the bottom of the front becomes a circular ring.

 In addition to the basic heart rate, sleep and exercise step detection, the bracelet or join the Xiao Ai classmate voice assistant, which allows the user to directly control the smart hardware in the home through the bracelet. In addition, it is possible to continue to retain the NFC function to facilitate the user's travel.

Xiaomi Bracelet 3 was released on May 31, 2018. According to the usual practice, Xiaomi Bracelet 4 may be released at the end of May this year. If it can continue the price of $29, it can still maintain high competitiveness in similar products.


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