Xiaomi Mi box 4 vs Mi box 3 enhanced version: What is the difference between them? 

ByFields Corrielus 2019-07-08 7814

Xiaomi Mi box 4 finally called her out shyly. So what is the difference between this much-anticipated new Xiaomi box and the previous generation of Xiaomi Mi box 3 enhanced version? Which is better to buy? Today, the editor will give you a detailed analysis. 

Comparison model: Xiaomi Mi box 3 enhanced version

Xiaomi Mi box 4 vs Mi box 3 enhanced version

Price: $399. 
Features: 64-bit A72 architecture six-core processor, 2G memory, 8GB flash memory, dual antenna dual transceiver, bring extremely fast experience! 

Comparison model: Xiaomi Mi box 4

Xiaomi Mi box 4 vs Mi box 3 enhanced version

Price: 349 yuan.  Features: artificial intelligence voice, control center voice control appliances, 4K HDR experience, massive film source. 


Xiaomi Mi box 3 enhanced version and Xiaomi Mi box 4 use fresh white, frosted clinker, looks beautiful and stylish. The difference is that the enhanced version of Xiaomi Mi box 3 has a multi-layer hollowed-out heat barrier on the side, while the Xiaomi Mi box 4 is lighter and smaller on the basis of the enhanced version of Xiaomi Mi box 3. 

Xiaomi Mi box 4 vs Mi box 3 enhanced version

In terms of interface, Xiaomi Mi box 4 has one less USB interface than Xiaomi Mi box 3 enhanced version. Although Xiaomi Mi box 4 has only one USB interface, in addition to connecting to the USB disk, it can also connect to the USB network card and connect to the wired network. 


Xiaomi Mi box 3 enhanced version uses a 64-bit A72 architecture of six-core processor, the main frequency of up to 2GHz, carrying GPU for Power VR GX6250, at the same time standard 2G memory and 8GB high-speed flash memory. 
Xiaomi Mi box 4 official website does not give specific hardware parameters, only the use of 64-bit four-core CPU, 3 to 2-core GPU, 2GB+8GB memory, support H.265 hardware decoding. But Xiaomi Mi box 4 supports 4K HDR UHD output, which will be better than the enhanced version of Xiaomi Mi box 3. Just from the known situation, there is not much difference in hardware between the two.   


Xiaomi Mi box 4 directly preset the PatchWall artificial intelligence voice system, and equipped with Bluetooth voice remote control. Therefore, it can realize 10 kinds of voice interactive functions, such as keyword search, heat ranking, opening application games, querying weather calendar, multi-round dialogue, controlling TV, film title on demand, star finding film, film and television encyclopedia, intelligent error correction, etc. Whether it's an old man or a child, you can use it with your hands. Thanks to the blessing of artificial intelligence system, Xiaomi Mi box 4 can also control intelligent devices such as air purifiers, rice table lamps, smart sockets, rice cookers, and so on. At present, Xiaomi IOT devices have exceeded 85 million, and are still increasing. You can build your own intelligent life with a box. 

Xiaomi Mi box 4 vs Mi box 3 enhanced version


Xiaomi Mi box 3 enhanced version and Xiaomi Mi box 4 are deep equipped with Yangguang Galaxy, Huasu TV, Mango TV, iCNTV, four major licensing resources to build a huge resource platform, providing 440000 hours of film and television content to create Xiaomi TV film and television library. 


Xiaomi Mi box 4 can be said to be an upgraded version of Xiaomi Mi box 3. Xiaomi Mi box 4 is smaller in appearance, 4K HDR video can be output in hardware, and the artificial voice control of Xiaomi Mi box 4 is more intelligent in function. Generally speaking, Xiaomi Mi box 4 has been improved more comprehensively on the basis of the enhanced version of Xiaomi Mi box 3, and it has also been reduced by 50 yuan in price. If you are entangled in these two products, then decisively start Xiaomi Mi box 4 oh.

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